Sound Off

<I>Why did Wakarusa Township surface only a portion of a mile on East 1200 Road between North 1000 Road and North 1100 Road, and a portion of a mile on North 1000 Road between East 1200 Road and East 1300 Road? Why did they surface a dead end road west from the corners of North 1100 Road and East 1200 Road?</I>

Wakarusa Township Treasurer Steve Sublett said North 1000 Road is used heavily by residents in the Shank Hill subdivision so the gravel was continuing to wear down. He said the township paved that section of North 1000 Road because nearby property owners requested the project and donated money for it.

Sublett said the paved portion of East 1200 Road is in the same vicinity of North 1000 Road and also has a difficult corner near County Road 458. He said only portions of the two roads were paved because there is a steep hill and curve in the area that should be revamped, which would be expensive. He said the hill probably could be paved if people were willing to give up land so the right of way could be expanded to make the road safer.

Also, Sublett said property owners donated money to put down a thin layer of paving material on the dead-end road, west from the corners of North 1100 and East 1200 roads. Then, he said the township board paved about a half-mile section to protect its investment because it was starting to wash away.


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