Sound Off

<i>The article in the Journal-World about the Wakarusa Township race didn't report that the board completely repaved six miles of road last year that cost taxpayers three times as much because it wasn't done right the first time. Why wasn't that mentioned?</i>

Wakarusa Township Treasurer Chuck Ledom said that last year was the first time the township paved its own roads, and the process was a learning experience. He said the township board bought its own road equipment to save money because it was cheaper than hiring a construction company.

Ledom said the township hired a road crew that went to training classes to learn how to pave roads.

"We made mistakes, but we learned from those mistakes," he said. "This year will be better."

Also, Ledom said the township board stayed within its budget last year.

Is there a security policy at the Lawrence School Board meetings? I attempted to attend a meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, July 24, and the doors were locked.

Julie Boyle, director of communications for the Lawrence school district, said the main entrance to district headquarters, 110 McDonald Drive, was unlocked during Monday night's board meeting.

Visitors entering that north door can take stairs or an elevator to the second-floor board meeting room.

There is no security system that would block patrons interested in attending board meetings.

Boyle said other entrances to the two-building warehouse and office complex should have been locked during the meeting.


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