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<I>While Jere McElhaney was a member of the planning commission did he ever vote on a project involving one of his fencing customers?</I>

Jere McElhaney said his company, McElhaney Fence Builders, did many fencing projects for people who came before the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission. He said many of his customers spoke for or against different building projects.

"We've had customers on both sides of the aisle, but whoever is your customer is not on your mind, you're there to do a job," he said.

For example, when the planning commission approved the Aberdeen Apartments development, McElhaney said his company previously had done work for the owner and for people who spoke against the project. However, he said he has not been contacted to do fence work for the development.

Before making any decision as a planning commissioner, McElhaney said he focused on staff recommendations and went from there.

Why does the Douglas County Fair Board not let the judges from last year know that they will not be judges this year? I think it is unfair and rude.

The K-State Research and Extension-Douglas County's office is responsible for hiring judges because it's part of the educational event for the fair, said extension director Trudy Rice.

She said her office tries to switch judges every year so they don't get familiar with the 4-H'ers. She said judges are hired on a one-year contract and may or may not be contacted for the 2001 fair.

Rice also noted that judges are selected from the extension office's list of people who went through training to become a judge. Many judges for the Douglas County Free Fair live outside the county.


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