Sound Off

<EM>Why doesn't Kansas University have more provisions for recycling, especially within its academic departmental offices?</EM>

According to the KU University Relations Office, the KU Office of Resource Conservation & Recycling has installed 55 large blue "recycling center" bins in 30 campus buildings. The bins are labeled for two grades of office paper, newspaper, and plastic or aluminum, depending on the vending machines in the building.

Placement of bins was determined by the amount of office-paper generated in each building and whether bins would be compatible with construction schedules and fire codes.

RCR staff members also collect recyclables from 100 offices in 30 buildings that don't have bins, as well as from residence halls, scholarship halls and Jayhawker Towers.

For collection schedules, go to the RCR Web site at

An office-to-office pick-up program for the entire campus would require additional funding. But there are plans for eventually providing at least one recycling bin in every academic or administrative building.


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