Sound Off

<EM>Since the city was involved in leasing the land east of the dam at Clinton Lake for development of the wetland, when was the public made aware that the city was leasing land in the county? Who made the final decision to develop a wetland there and why? How much is this going to cost the city and taxpayers in the city of Lawrence?</EM>

Lawrence Parks and Recreation Director Fred DeVictor said that in 1995 the Lawrence City Commission approved leasing 1,515 acres of land below the dam at Clinton Lake from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for recreation purposes. The 156-acre cooperative wetland project was approved by the city commission last spring. The plan was developed by the Douglas County Conservation District, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a dozen other partners, including the city of Lawrence and Douglas County, for a wildlife improvement program. The $37,660 project is being funded through grants rather than city funds. Parks and Recreation will be involved in the long-term maintenance of the land.


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