Sound Off

Why will the South Lawrence Trafficway hike/bike path be closed to the public this morning and what hours will it be closed?

The path will be closed from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. to accommodate the Raintree Run, a half-marathon, 5K and mile fun run-walk that benefits the Raintree Montessori School, 4601 Clinton Parkway.

Are there any zoning regulations that prohibit the storage of an automobile in someone's back yard? This occurs on the 3100 block of Ranger Drive. Yes there are. This note will be referred to the environmental inspector, City Manager Mike Wildgen said.

Has the city traffic light survey for the traffic light at Sixth and Kasold been completed yet, and, if so, what are the results? Lawrence traffic engineer David Woosley said the study has been completed but didn't show a need for north-south left turn arrows. An upgrade for the intersection is planned for later this year. Another study will be conducted before that upgrade begins. If the study shows that left-turn arrows are still not needed, the city will leave room for them to be added when they are needed.


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