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Will you buy a 2011 Red Shoes calendar, featuring local male celebrities and officials wearing red high heels?

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Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


mr_right_wing 7 years ago

What happened to the 'good ol days' when you just wore some kind of colored ribbon?

KU_cynic 7 years ago

Gotta keep escalating the commitment, right_wing.

Next year the guys will be wearing thongs . . .

Alceste 7 years ago

Gotta generate more revenue to pay the "concerned" who make a living off this manner of brutality. What happened? THEY created an industry around it.

Battery is battery, plain and simple. It should NOT be "domestic violence" just because it is between family members and such. Things become confused when they become overly thought out. Battery is battery. It's a felony. What is the difference between "domestic violence" and battery? NOTHING.

Creating this industry was and is a bone thrown to the "movement" to placate the needs of those who have made a life style out of "helping"; a life's income; and a personal need to be important rather than simply let the Police do the job they're paid to do which is keep us all safe from absurd attacks be said attacks on the street or in our abodes. February Sisters be damned....you oppress your own and now get paid to do it.

Same deal with "child abuse"....it's battery and not some fancy term that requires a gazillion "professionals" to "study it"....all the while drawing a check. Incredible.....

alm77 7 years ago

Who are the local celebrities?

Rae Hudspeth 7 years ago

Wearing a little ribbon, like sticking a magnet on your car, may "raise awareness" but awareness doesn't provide shelter or help.

If the mooney goes to the cause, I'd buy it. I also buy GS cookies, bake sale goodies, VanGo art from the kids, pay the cover charge at benefit concerts. A ribbon on your car doesn't support the troops, but it does support that guy in China who made them. Go figure.

Here ya go alm77: Among them: City Commissioner Mike Dever; Lawrence Memorial Hospital CEO Gene Meyer; Mark Bradford, Douglas County Fire and Medical chief; and Matt Brungardt, Lawrence High School principal Pics here: http://wellcommons.com/groups/wellnes...

Kristine Chapman 7 years ago

To alm77: Local celebrities include Coach Bill Self, Jay Amyx, Mike Dever, Gene Meyer, Dan Chandler, leaders from Baldwin City, KU, and Haskell, Mark Bradford, Tark Khatib, and many more... To Mr Right Wing: we would be thrilled for you to wear a ribbon. I have plenty of free ones I'd be happy to get to you. Call our number anytime and we'll arrange it. 331-2034 or 843-3333 To Alceste: Every one of the members of the Willow team - paid and unpaid - would be elated to be out of a job if it meant that the economic, emotional, spiritual abuse would end for the survivors we work with. Advocates are available to answer any questions you have about our services or about the realities of domestic violence. Please call our number anytime if you'd like to learn more. 331-2034 or 843-3333. To raerae: you are right, raising awareness is just the first step...but an important one. The Willow provides a range of services to survivors of domestic violence including shelter, advocacy, support, and referrals. Anyone can call our 24hr hotline at 843-3333 or 800-770-3030. Whether we meet our fundraising goals or not (don't get me wrong, we will work hard to make those goals) we are ecstatic at the level of public discussion this calendar has helped to create. Thank you to all involved, including those who have provided comments online, for being a part of the discussion and eventually part of the solution.

Alceste 7 years ago

Willow_DV_Center: (Nice to see ya just joined TODAY to make certain that pay check keeps coming in.....wink):

Funny stuff....REALLY funny: NOWHERE do you refute the fact an INDUSTRY has been created and requires FUELING for this thing called "domestic violence". How is it ANY different than just plain battery? Book 'em Dano.....stop paying the poverty pimps money for doing something cops are supposed to be doing.

Let's get into the fact this jive is ALL gender based.....despite the fact women attack men with guns, knives, and other sundry manner of weapons....including the very industry Willow_DV_Center done help establish. Incredible....just incredible.....

Now...if there were NO PAYCHECKS involved....that MIGHT get our attention......

Alceste 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

pace 7 years ago

LOL Women talking women into being lesbians. The only person who ever made me wish I was a lesbian was one of my ex boyfriends. Judging from your tone, you might of given that wish to some woman who got messed up with you. If you were more worried about violence than feeling "castrated" by lesbians you might join in with the variety of people on a variety of violence issues. I am against violence, but having worked on a variety of such issues, I have understood some of the triggers and solutions. There are different strategies which are more effective when taken within a context. Support groups strengths can vary. Fighting child abuse is different then fighting school bullying, domestic abuse, elderly abuse, it is the same fight just different focuses.

sowhat23 7 years ago

prove it lol* then tell funders to stop funding the NON PROFIT (hints people served don't pay)-I'm sure after you make this ground breaking discovery they're bound to believe you right- I'd like to see what kind of work you would do for free- I'll even help you - start by interviewing folks who actually do the work ask them how much they make- after all theyre all are filthy rich right and the work they do helps no one but theyre own pockets- better yet why don't you interview for a job for a dv center and tell them you want to work for free- oh wait I think its called being a volunteer- be something like a super hero to people who face abuse that occurs in more ways then just physical- do some research on the statistics of domestic violence and find out how many people (men and women alike) die from it especially when trying to leave or when their abuser gets released from a temporary holding- oh and don't forget to find proof of lesbianism, i'm sure at the shelter they all lick their wounds together right- even better make your case in the court room, convince congress for that matter to make the consequences of battery more serious- good luck! and let me know how your journey goes- since you seem to have such compassion in your statements i imagine one day youll be a great spokes person for the nation that convinces the world that police should replace dv centers or any human rights center for that matter-who needs other sources of help- certainly not you obviously- and thats what truly matters

livinginlawrence 7 years ago

"Again....do what you do for FREE, Willow_DV_Center and make a LIAR out of me."

And exactly how do you expect anybody out there to go to work without getting paid? Let alone an organization whose purpose is to provide humanitarian services? Now I'm not here to argue how great the organization is, as I know not enough about it to comment. But the way you speak of it says quite clearly that you simply fail to appreciate the complexity of the matter. Although I know you likely feel comfortable and confident speaking from behind your current cloak of anonymity, be wary. In making the comments you've made, all you've done is painted yourself up as ignorant, unfeeling, and lacking in critical thought.

Alceste 7 years ago


Clearly, you failed to read my earlier remarks. ANYTHING I can do I will do to SHUT DOWN THE INDUSTRY.....it's full on bogus.....B-O-G-U-S. Crime is crime. It don't take no PhD (Piled High and Deep) to figure this stuff out....you beat somebody up: YOU GET ARRESTED...and if you REALLY DID IT....you go to Court....and if you REALLY DID IT....you get convicted....and if you REALLY DID IT....you get taken off the streets and get to meet Bubba or Boobette. Don't take no INDUSTRY to PIMP it. Takes COPS. Period.

deec 7 years ago

What if the guy who's beating you is a cop? Then where doyou turn?

pace 7 years ago

That is such a vulnerable situation. I don't know a solution but I believe a citizens review board has helped many communities increase the level of communication and trust.. If the police and the community has better communicate. I think it would help in that situation. The police and community must find ways to work together.The problems are getting greater every day and the police and community should be able to work together. A stronger more trusted police force is a safer police force. A bad apple there effects all the service.

deec 7 years ago

I'm not in any way suggesting this is a problem in Lawrence specifically, but it does sometimes happen. The person who keeps attacking the shelter sounds like he's got kind of a personal grudge against the shelter. Maybe his woman got away from him and got help there or something.

pace 7 years ago

I am glad it wasn;t a personal problem for you and you weren't referring to an officer in Lawrence. It was a problem for a friend of mine in another city and she almost lost her life. She left her town, career and family and is safe now and actually in a better job in another state. It is a very vulnerable place.

local_interest 7 years ago

Take off the glasses. Life is in color, and shades of grey. Not black and white.

riverdrifter 7 years ago

OK, but I demand a matching red tutu.

Ceallach 7 years ago

Now I just might buy that one, MD :)

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

Okay Alceste! sit down while I educate your butt.

first it seems you are male. in case you couldn't tell, so am I.

I was a victim of domestic violence. because of that and some other elements of my life, I can respond to your ill-informed comments above.

for those who know me, the perp was my first wife, not my current wife.

domestic violence is far different from ordinary assault or battery. it differs in two major ways: first is the violation of trust; second, the crime takes place in very different dynamics.

if I come up to you and hit you with a bat, you don't have to think that I know where you lay your head down at night, I don't know all kinds of personal information about you. if you need to escape me, you usually don't have to worry about finding another place to live. you don't share friends with me. there aren't the complications that you and I share kids, pets, possessions, etc.

now, if you look way back in my posts you'll see I have roundly criticized the local wtcs and other groups because this town has been woefully weak in supporting male victims of sexual and domestic violence, often perpetuating the myth that only womyn would be the victims and men, all men, are potential perps.

sure people get paid. you want good services you have to pay so people can get educated and be available. victims of domestic and sexual violence have very particular needs for support, therapy, recovery, and other resources.

that first marriage of mine was seven years of violence. no, I am no less a man because I experienced that.

I sincerely hope you understand better now Alceste.

Ceallach 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Gnome, I know it can't be easy.

Alceste 7 years ago

deec: You choose to post "statistics" which are easily refuteable but doing so would be a waste of time...You quote from the ABA whose members are an integral aspect of the industry! Topping that off, most of the data is from Texas! "He was drawn to the Commission on Domestic Violence because of their commitment to providing excellent resources to those in the legal field who advocate for domestic violence survivors, as well as their dedication to promoting public policy that helps protect survivors and hold those who commit domestic violence responsible for their actions." Nonsense.....and underneath him are the congregation of womyn!

Gnome, be I male or female, you're not going to educate my rear end. Kindly keep your hands off it, thank you. Your situation? How the Hades did YOU make such terrible choices in a "life partner". Accept responsibility for your own defects relative to what is compatable to your needs and wants, eh?

What happens if the person doing the beat downs is a police officer? Tell a different police officer maybe? Jeeshhh....

Linda Aikins 7 years ago

No way. I had enough trouble with a live-in boyfriend who wore all my clothes when I wasn't around. The last thing I want to see is a man in womens' clothing.

deec 7 years ago

Right. We wouldn't want to let facts get in the way of our opinions or anything, right?
Here's a link to theU.S. Dept. of justice, or are they part of the conspiracy as well? http://www.ovw.usdoj.gov/ovw-fs.htm

BigPrune 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

BigPrune 7 years ago

what usage agreement did i violate, exactly?

Alceste 7 years ago


I am familiar with the manipulating statistics listed at http://www.ovw.usdoj.gov/ovw-fs.htm . I don't "refute" them, either. What I do refute and object wholeheartedly is the INDUSTRY that has been built around this CRIMINAL activity. Pimps abound in our Nation where a dime is always being sought to made at the expense of the disenfranchised....and that is who all this "stuff" is AIMED at; them that ain't got. Don't see too many of the middle class and higher types being subjected to the INDUSTRY, either.

It's just another place to cut the lard: get back down off of the self indulgent woo woo; ARREST AND PROSECUTE people who beat up other people. It denigrates the horrific nature of being beaten by NOT calling it battery, plain and simple. A couple of years in a PRISON will give somebody time to figure out it's not something they want to do again and don't get me going about the violence we, as a society, tolerate in the "Corrections" INDUSTRY. The brutality existent in our Nation's prisons, the Nation of "freedom", where we have the LARGEST PER CAPITA INCARCERATION RATE IN THE WORLD!

I am not the least bit interested in the cottage industry(ies) that abound in this INDUSTRY of "domestic violence" e.g. "emotional battering", either. Jesus Wept.

Too it IS a gender based problem, errantly so as MEN are not allowed inside the belly of the beast employment wise, unless they have been feminized (another totally bogus problem: the feminization of boys in our public school systems); it is the land of womyn and it is a SIDE ISSUE to the real issue of what creates/causes people beating up other people. Then again, there is one reason and one reason only why people to do "this" to other people: THEY WANT TO. Book 'em Dano; cut the programs to hell and back. Down with "February Sisters" and the bull butter they've been permitted to get away with in these here parts.

Affiant further sayeth Naught; (wanna see the JD that taught me that silly lingo? Too bad. It aint' for view. I made a decision many, many years back I didn't want to hang around SCUM the rest of my days and I ain't talking about criminals; I'm referring to the criminals who dream and perpetuate this idiotic "social programming" in the name of doing "good" when it's ALL about the ducats and the cowards who seek the easy money rather than duking it out in Court). Try "practicing law", DEFENSE LAW, and NOT making deals with prosecutors and, really, the Judges; Listen to a jackass Judge hold you in contempt because as defense counsel, you take it to the stage rather than sell out your client because it makes it EASIER on the "Court". And that means NO PRE-HEARING CONFERENCES [UNLESS probation is on the table with no PRISON TIME] Oh, and the license is still good for what it's worth, which is really very little unless, of course, like O.J., you can get you a store bought ATTORNEY; .not a lawyer appointed by the Judge. Sit down, please (cont.)...

Alceste 7 years ago


and take a John Cash moment: THINK ABOUT IT. Quit being EMOTIVE.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

MacHeath (anonymous) replies …

Alceste should really thing about an anti-depressant. He is bringing us all down now!

December 7, 2010 at 6:24 p.m.

---Yo, hey there Mac!
IDK, Alceste may just be a poser, just trying to agitate for his own excitement. either way, very sad.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

Alceste ranted: Gnome, be I male or female, you're not going to educate my rear end. Kindly keep your hands off it, thank you. Your situation? How the Hades did YOU make such terrible choices in a "life partner". Accept responsibility for your own defects relative to what is compatable to your needs and wants, eh?

---none so stupid as he who would not learn.
if you think you can perfectly avoid such a person, you are delusional and I pity you Alceste.

however, as noted above, I think you are actually in trolldom.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

note: Aldente fails to refute any stats, or the arguments I listed, for why domestic violence is real. plus makes the false claim that this is somehow class-based.

... I call thy name troll.

Alceste 7 years ago

Funny, bearded_gnome....most people do JUST that...."...avoid such a person....". Accept responsibilities for your own choices; stop seeking refuge in and from an industry that's not two cents for a MALE who has been battered; and....nevermind....lost cause....

Linda Aikins 7 years ago

Multi, remember to forward on to me! :)

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