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Have you made a holiday-related donation this season?

Response Percent Votes
70% 248
29% 106
Total 354


Maddy Griffin 9 years ago

I like to put whatever change I have in the red buckets any time I see one. There were many years that my kids would not have had a christmas had it not been for the wonderful people at the Salvation Army. It feels really good to give back.

curious2 9 years ago

I totally agree! Bless us all!

mom_of_three 9 years ago

For many years, we put spare change in the buckets, because we couldn't do anything else. Now, we adopt a family, and even though we can't provide what the Salvation Army toy drive provides, we do what we can. And we still put change in the buckets. My teenagers ask me for money for the buckets still!!

unclebiff 9 years ago

...well i made a "Christmas" yes, i think....

labmonkey 9 years ago

I like Toys for Tots and Harvesters.....two places where you know that the money you spent goes for good use (since you actually buy the toys and food). As for the bellringers...I give to the ones who have nice, quiet bells. I hate loud bells. (Plus I give to the Salvation Army monthly from my paycheck anyway).

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