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Do you leave cookies for Santa?

Response Percent Votes
54% 112
45% 94
Total 206


labmonkey 6 years ago

Dear Editor:Santa Claus is a fraudulent myth...And there will be no clockmaker to save you now Lawrence!

Sybil3 6 years ago

Come on old Chris Kringle,Down the milkyway......I Still Believe and so should you labmonkey

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 6 years ago

I leave cookies for... Ronda.( ... and she leaves nary a crumb. )

BuffyloGal 6 years ago

Yes, and a beer since that is Australian tradition.

triplegoddess13 6 years ago

Making them right now. Hope he's the only one that breaks in on this clear night.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Bleep Ronda, go back to the planet you came from. I grew up in the Ozarks where we barely had enough food to feed ourselves. If asked, I'm sure my Grandmother, who raised me, would have responded, "If Santa can afford to fly around the world with all those toys, he can ruddy well feed himself." Yes, we did talk like that in the Ozarks in the fifties, so I don't want to hear nary a word otherwise. Hear me? Probably not.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 6 years ago

Hey Cleo,Now don't be DISin' my girl, Ronda. Tho' that planet she's from has an atmosphere more turbulent than most, it's one of the warmest in the cosmos. We should all be so fortunate in offsetting the turbulence in our lives with such warmth. So, good fortune to you, cookie.,;-)

Jim Phillips 6 years ago

I used to until I found out he liked Jack and Coke better.

notajayhawk 6 years ago

I've found that leaving cookies does cause the arrival of jolly old men. Since dads have to eat all the cookies left out, their (and my own) waistlines begin approaching the dimensions of St. Nick's.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Don't call me cookie and I won't call you cake! Anyone remember Laugh-in, and the joke that went something like: "it must be Christmas because everywhere you look you see bearded men holding pot and going ho, ho, ho".

Ronda Miller 6 years ago

They had Laugh-in at the Ozarks....well... well...and what planet are you from, Cleo? a good lad and pass another cookie, please....with sugar on it...yes...I want a sugar cookie.....multi, I know this is from the other blog...but I loved your idea about gifting presents.....pass another cookie...please....nota...I see nota....nota...I see...nota st. nick...nota snowman....nota reindeer...but dear old nota....Hey. nota....back to your shelf my little shall live and dance and sing and be alive another day.....

bearded_gnome 6 years ago

I think Cleo has a jalapeno under her dentures! or rock salt in her sneakers. *where's the talk of milk. I always thought it was supposed to be milk and cookies left out for santa, I guess the milk is good for his ulcer.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 6 years ago

Ronda: "back to your shelf my little puppets….you shall live and dance and sing and be alive another day….."Ah... and this Christmas Day has me remembering when Marion was the puppet master, and we his little Marionettes. Merry Xmas, kemo sabe.

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