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Does your water taste or smell funny right now?

Response Percent Votes
71% 109
28% 44
Total 153


chucknoblet 11 years, 6 months ago

I've noticed the funny taste for the past several days. Then, all of a sudden, today around mid-day it looked like the water coming out of my kitchen faucet was sort of rusty, and then I noticed when I flushed the toilet, all the water that filled the toilet was sort of orange like in the kitchen. But now it seems back to normal: clear, but still funny-tasting (that's the kitchen sink; I've never tasted the water in the toilet...). Is the rusty color related to what they're talking about in this article, or is it a separate issue? Before any of these articles came out on ljworld this afternoon, I re-installed my water filter, even though it's not a great fit. I was so worried about drinking the water that I don't mind the water spraying sideways out of my ill-fitting filter.

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