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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

If music were a competitive sport, five athletes would carry Lawrence's Olympic torch: Brett Armstong, Apollo 13, Trucker, Lethe, and Marry Me Moses. This quintet of gladiators dueled their way to <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/events/2006/may/06/13283/">the finals of the first annual lawrence.com Deadwood Derby</a>, winning over online voters, audiences and judges with their boundless charisma and precision gunnery. So prepare yourselves now, worthy citizens of Lawrence, as the ultimate bloodsport culminates at The Bottleneck on May 6. In eager anticipation of the moment of truth, you may bask in this podcast wherein questions are put to the foaming combatants, and many times they answer coherently, and other times we simply let the music speak for itself - for in the end, only it will have a voice.

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