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What a perfect beginning

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Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006

Dead Girls Ruin Everything is the sound of four guys who love to rock - fists pumping, tongue protruding, spread-eagle-stance style. Split 50/50 between former members of Ultimate Fakebook (Nick Colby on bass, Eric Melin on drums) and Podstar (guitarists/vocalists Cameron Hawk and JoJo Longbottom), the band packs a power-pop punch that's showy like Cheap Trick and smart like Superchunk. The band's electrifying debut album "What A Perfect Ending" is getting a proper release this week on Reignition Recordings, a New York label with worldwide distribution. We invited Hawk and Longbottom into our podcast booth to preview tracks from the album and wreak havoc with our otherwise stable VU meters.

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