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Not-So-Terrible Twosome: Matt Pryor and Julia Peterson preview the LCNS benefit show

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Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005

On December 2, a cast of Lawrence musicians will perform at The Granada to benefit The Lawrence Community Nursery School. Matt Pryor (formerly of <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/the_get_up_kids/">The Get Up Kids</a>) will do double-duty, performing an early set with his children's band <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/terrible_twos/">Terrible Twos</a> and a late set with his grown-up band <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/the_new_amsterdams/">The New Amsterdams</a>. Lawrence singer/songwriter <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/julia_peterson/">Julia Peterson</a> will also join the late bill with her seven-piece band The Breaks.

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