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Paw and the glory days of grunge

15 December 2005

Relive the glory days of grunge with former <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/paw/">Paw</a> vocalist Mark Hennessy. In town to promote his new poetry book "<a href="http://www.lawrence.com/news/2005/dec/15/cue_bedlam/">Cue the Bedlam</a>," Hennessy stopped by to reminisce on crowd surfing, the alt-rock revolution and the mid-'90s Lawrence music scene. Included in this podcast are portions of the following tracks from Paw's 1993 A&M debut "Dragline" (in order):
"The Bridge"

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Won't Be Blue No More: Harmonica master Jimmie Meade talks about life and why he loves the blues

13 December 2005

<em>"Every day you wake up is a great day - even if it's a bad day."</em> Such is the wisdom of harmonica ace Jimmie Meade. The 25-year-old "mouth organ" master has been to hell and back after enduring a near-fatal car accident two years ago that cost him a leg. The circumstances of the crash - drunk driving - are something he talks about candidly in hopes of atoning for his bad judgment. Now fully recovered and walking with a prosthetic, Meade gigs full-time with KC blues/rock quartet <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/levee_town/">Levee Town</a> and teaches at Lawrence's Americana Music Academy.

Songs featured in this podcast are, in order:
Jimmie Meade solo harmonica (live in studio)
Levee Town "Trouble In Mind"
Little Walter "Juke"
Sonny Boy Williamson "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"
Lee McBee & Mike Morgan "Sweet Lolita"
Two Dollar Shoe Revival Story feat. Jimmie Meade "Easy"
Levee Town "Heartless is the Winter"

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Local rock band Pomonas and 'the workaday world'

6 December 2005

<a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/the_pomonas/">The Pomonas</a> might well be THE funniest band in Lawrence. Force them to listen to their most recent EP and undoubtedly you'll be rewarded with fart noises and guffawing. Such humor pervades the band's seriously good music, which maintains an unflinching rock-and-roll spirit in the face of steady opposition from "the man." The band - composed of multi-instrumentalists Justin Ripley, Brandon Ripley, Andy Gassaway and Ryan Laird - is currently holed up at home recording its debut full-length album and trying to fend off bill collectors. These subjects and more are addressed in this half-hour podcast.

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