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Tech Talk

9 April 2010

Tech N9ne, Kansas City's most prolific and successful rapper, chats with us about being an independent mogul, embracing Juggalos, conquering Canada and consuming cognac. You know what I'm sizzlin'? (Caution: contains some explicit language.)

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Cloudy with a Chance of Dance Party: An interview with Cloud Dog

18 November 2009

Cloud Dog is a kindred spirit to freaked-out experimental acts like Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, and F*ck Buttons, building songs out of jarring sample juxtapositions and loopy beats. The insanity is held together by addictive rhythms that invite dancing and/or beating on the nearest non-living thing. The three active Cloud Doggers popped into our podcast studio to chat and share tracks from their recent albums “Animals” and “Black Night White Light.”

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(Not) Hard Travelin’: An Interview with Tyler Gregory

12 November 2009

With his six-inch beard and lanky stature, Tyler Gregory can regularly be found busking on Mass. St. with his deep voice and steam-powered melodies bouncing off the street-side architecture. His sturdy songcraft takes cues from WWII-era blues bellowers like Leadbelly and Son House as well as modern folk artists like William Elliott Whitmore and the Avett Brothers. Gregory brought in a collection of new recordings to share during the course of our half-hour podcast, which also addresses the proposed ban on Mass. St. panhandling and Gregory’s experiences as a bearded vagabond.

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Still Hardcore After All These Years: An interview with Coalesce's Sean Ingram

2 November 2009

To anyone who came of age in the hardcore and punk scene of northeast Kansas during the past 15 years, Coalesce figures prominently. The group set the standard for heavy music in the area and beyond with its primal evocations, mixing heavier-than-hell guitars with unconventional time signatures and vocalist Sean Ingram’s demonic bark. Vocalist Sean Ingram was kind enough to give us a sneak peak of Coalesce's new "OX EP" as he snuck away from his day job at Blue Collar Press to discuss the part, present, and future of the band.

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David Bazan addresses personal and religious struggles on new album “Curse Your Branches"

23 October 2009

David Bazan isn’t one for keeping his skeletons in the closet. The former front man of Pedro the Lion would much rather let them duke it out in his fabulously hummable songs. His new solo album “Curse Your Branches” is a well-rounded collection that sounds as assured and powerful as his best Pedro songs. Its overtly personal subject matter is put in a warm bath of catchy choruses, sparkling synths, and some downright funky beats. Bazan checked in from his hotel room in Gainsville, Fla., to discuss the new record, playing the bass without looking at the fretboard, and the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day.

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Headphone Trip: An Interview with Sam Billen

20 October 2009

Former Billions co-frontman Sam Billen recorded his new album at home, immersing himself in fingertip orchestras and drum sequencers. It’s the perfect canvas for a songwriter who plays multiple instruments and constantly seeks out new sounds. Though his songwriting sensibility is more akin to Sufjan Stevens or the Postal Service, the pop production of “Headphones and Cellphones” invokes both ‘80s hits and modern R&B. Billen and his big red beard joined us to give the new disc a spin and avow his love for soul music, synthesizers, and Surge cola.

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Clear and Present Danger Bob: An Interview with Danger Bob

13 October 2009

Danger Bob's long and heckled history dates back to about 1992, when bands like Paw and Stick were all the rage and Danger Bob were the kids who snuck in the backdoor of the Bottleneck with a six-pack of silly. Once they learned to play their instruments, all bets were off, and the "crop-pop" foursome went on to make five highly regarded albums and make a lot of locals very, very happy (or at least very, very drunk). Members Karl Michelbach, Kenny Gall, and Morton (sans bassist Jason Lovell) joined us to reminisce on Danger Bob’s checkered past and spin some of their greatest hits.

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Continental Drift: An Interview with Jim Button of Continents

6 October 2009

Jim Button wrote, recorded, mixed, and designed Continents’ debut album “Land of Plenty” all by his lonesome, spending long days in his home studio and emerging with a creatively rich album that reflects his “extreme interest and curiosity in just about everything.” The Kansas City-rooted songwriter who describes himself as “one of the more laid-back people I’ve ever met” joined us to discuss the making of “Land of Plenty” and other random topics like raw food, the Sunday funnies, soccer, and “Seinfeld.”

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Life in the Fast Lane: An Interview with Tommy Ferrari

28 September 2009

Tommy Ferrari and the Future Motor Machines know how to rock a party, whether it be by glam rock, garage rock, punk-funk, or some greasy combination thereof. Iggy Pop called to invite David Bowie to a jam session, but Bryan Ferry picked up the phone and said he’s in the shower, and Bowie never got the message because The MC5 showed up and kicked Ferry’s ass. Yeah, something like that. Kyle “Tommy Ferrari” Jones and Mike "Rory Borealis" Teeter took a break from beating up ne’er-do-wells and walking out on their tab at the IHOP to talk shop with us and share some new jams.

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Company Men: An interview with Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Co.

25 September 2009

Like many country music aficionados, Adam Lee came to the genre after a youth in punk rock. His debut album “Ghostly Fires” ditches much of the alt-country influence of his previous group in favor of a golden-era sound that recalls Merle Haggard, George Jones, and other heavy hitters. With his partner Johnny Kay’s multi-instrumental skills riding shotgun, it’s a keenly produced affair that sets the scene just right for Lee’s deep-voiced drawl. The Company men trekked down I-70 to join us for a half-hour podcast and share stories about pretty girls in bars, playing strip clubs, and hopping trains for 500 feet.

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