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Security and surveillance at Lawrence High

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Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007

On this episode of room 125, the students examine the LHS daycare center as well as security and surveillance at LHS. Plus, a story about LHS drama department's upcoming performance of the Frank Capra classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," and a review of Sound Tribe Sector 9's album "Artifact."

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Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years, 6 months ago

Anybody who thinks we're "free" need only look up:into the survellience camera.

Next thing for me, I think, is to find out how I can renounce my citizenship and not call myself an American any longer. It doesn't matter now that I was born here.

Good luck finding a civilized country without security measures in place. Have you ever been out of the US? Soldiers with rifles have been a routine site at European airports long before 9/11 and the London and Spain bombings.

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