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After two weeks, a Douglas County Jail inmate is still missing

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Friday, Jan. 9, 2009

Today, we'll have nice, breezy, warm weather. Temperatures will reach the mid-50s under increasing cloud cover. Eventually, those winds will change from south to north, ushering in some cooler air.

For tomorrow, it'll be a blustery, chilly day. Sunday will bring some warmer temperatures once again, but expect typical winter weather to return on Monday.

In today's news: A Douglas County Jail inmate is still missing after a judge granted her a temporary release two weeks ago; A Topeka man gets a 15-month sentence for a June gun incident.

In sports: Florida defeats Oklahoma to win the BCS championship.

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grammaddy 6 years ago

After all the work done to keep her identity and family connections on the down low, can we be sure anyone is really looking for her?

DMH1983 6 years ago

Here's the thing, Ms. Amyx did not absconder from Dg Co jail. She was sentenced to complete the Johnson Co. Residential Center program. Center staff granted her the pass and she didn't return there. It then took probably 24 hrs to 48 hrs to get the warrant signed off on.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

I am still mystified as to why an amber alert has not been sounded? That would find them in a hurry. I don't think anyone is seriously looking for either one of them.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Ah, thank you DMH1983, this is just the kind of information that we need and seem only to get from fellow posters. Okay, now tell me why the paper is not giving us her name and picture every time they report on her, as they have already done, it is not a secret. If it was ever meant to be.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Apologizing abjectly for three in a row, I just came across the article, Judge must show compassion, etc. and it does have a name a picture.I want to see a picture of the boy in the paper and on the news and have people looking for him.

somebodynew 6 years ago

OK, if I have followed this correctly (I think I have), there has never been any official statement that the child is even with her. The information about the son came from a poster on this board (of course we all know everything here is the truth) and was really unclear if it was this incident or a previous one. Even if he is, I don't think that meets the requirements for an Amber Alert. There are specific rules around them and this would not fit the rules.Knowing this woman, let's just clear up some of the "famous" name stuff. She married into that name, and as far as I know, the rest of them haven't had much to do with her since she divorced and (unfortunatly) the ex-husband died. So, I really doubt her name had anything to do with the furlough. Now, I still do not agree with her getting released, but I really don't think the name had a thing to do with it.

woodenfleaeater 6 years ago

sounds like somebodynew or "knew" may be harboring a certain felon.....

whynot38 6 years ago

The "famous name" comments are just out there. Having a local name in this town is like swimming in a fish bowl, anyone that has lived in Lawrence over 20 years knows this well. There would probably be no comments or updates on this missing person if her last name were not Amyx. I too know this woman, and she has been trouble way before she married a man with a "local name". Yes she needs to be sentenced and yes she needs to be behind bars, but what her last name is ... is irrelevant.

whynot38 6 years ago

To further comment, I would prefer our local law enforcement utilize their time and resources busting drug houses and child porngraphers in the the area versus looking for a petty criminal who walked out of her furlough. Contact the county parole board and see how many ex-cons, rapists, and drug dealers are currently on parole violation....walking the streets of Lawrence, that's where I would like to see some reporting and resources allocated.

KansasVoter 6 years ago

You would think that they would make an inmate wear one of those ankle bracelet monitors if they're getting a temporary release.

aletheia 6 years ago

DMH1983 - The Johnson County residential facility you are referring to is Johnson County, Missouri -- not Kansas. She has committed similar crimes in Kansas and MIssouri. She was being held for sentencing for new crimes in Kansas, but had also violated parole on her previous 5 year conviction in Missouri.Here's some of the info I posted on a previous blog: "I'm all for being compassionate, especially if the offender isn't violent, but I have to wonder if Judge Murphy was aware of her probation violation in Cass County, MO. - Case #17R030401077-01She was charged with forgery in 2006 and sentenced to 5 years probation in March 2007. By October 2007, a warrant was issued because she violated her parole. She was served and arrested in July 2008. Then, another warrant was issued for her arrest in August 2008, because she violated parole again."

DMH1983 6 years ago

Actually Aletheia, I did a search on her through the KASPERS (Kansas Offender Search) and she was last in custody of Jo Co Correction Res Center in New Century, KS - where I also was an employee for 3 1/2 yrs.

somebodynew 6 years ago

@woodenfleaeater -LOL, you obviously do not know my history and I am sure if some of the "regulars" read this they must be falling out of their chairs with laughter.It is OK, I am registered as anonymous. Trust me, when I say I know this person, it is not the way people want to know me. Let's just say I have dealt with her in a "previous life" I had.

woodenfleaeater 6 years ago

somebodynew:I am a fairly common poster as well, I wasn't being literal. I apologize if you took that lterally, I have seen your name on here quite often, I was just being stupid.

somebodynew 6 years ago

Oh, don't get me wrong - I wasn't offended or anything. Lord knows it takes a lot to offend me. And I have seen your name also, which why the comments hit me funny. I wish more people on here would be (and accept 'stupid') and not get righteous about stuff. Your comment just hit me as funny because of who I used to be is all.

aletheia 6 years ago

DMH1983 - Hmmm's all pretty confusing. I thought I understood the two websites (MO casenet and KS Kasper), but obviously I don't. It does appear, though, that the initial crime she committed in MO was in 2004 and she violated her parole, there. I think the new trial and sentencing in KS is for additional forgery/theft charges. Is that what you understand?

littlegrace 6 years ago

somebodynew (Anonymous) says… Oh, don't get me wrong - I wasn't offended or anything. Lord knows it takes a lot to offend me. And I have seen your name also, which why the comments hit me funny. I wish more people on here would be (and accept 'stupid') and not get righteous about stuff. Your comment just hit me as funny because of who I used to be is all.No that isn't right either. What you do or what you have done is not who you are. Even who you are does not remain the same since you are somebodynew and you are really somebodynotnew.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Okay, now I am totally confused. I had it stuck in my mind that a eleven or twelve year old boy was being dragged around the country by his demented mother and no one cared enough to look for him. I was really worried about this child.So, this boy is safe and sound? Provably?

somebodynew 6 years ago

@littlegrace - uh wow, is all I can think of???

Christine Anderson 6 years ago

Candice:Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

notajayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Okay, this story is from January 2009 - did the timelords pop it back up or are they STILL missing?

riverdrifter 2 years, 7 months ago

Flux capacitor working fine. Problem must be somewhere else.

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