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Methamphetamine registry?

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Monday, Jan. 29, 2007

State Sen. John Vratil describes a proposal to make methamphetamine convicts register like sex offenders. Plus, Scott Rothschild and Gena Terlizzi talk about the latest news from the Statehouse

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TicklemeElmo 7 years, 2 months ago

I forgot to mention in my other posting how registries get misused. Child sex predators use it to find other child predators because they are "safe". Someone already convicted with a tendency toward children is less likely to rat you out AND they might share their resources. A meth registry would just promote a similar situation.

I do still support having the current registries. It isn't 100% fool proof but nothing will be. I did once find an acquaintance on the list as a sex predator and as a result I refused any further contact by myself or my daughters... so in that regard I'm really glad that his name showed up, eventhough his address registered was incorrect.

I seriously hope Sen. Vratil reconsiders his proposal about registering meth convicts.


person_of_interest 7 years, 2 months ago

Elmo, I agree.

This is such a silly proposal!

A "meth registry"??

Oh give me a break!

First of all....that crack registry would be ten times larger than any sex crimes registry (in this state, anyway).'re right, meth addict in the world is gonna give a damn about getting caught, convicted...and then....ooooooh!......being added to some on-line meth registry for all the world to see!!

And what would this on-line registry accomplish, anyway?!

You'll be able to go on-line and see if the guy living next door to you is a meth addict?

And what if he is?

Are convicted meth users and/or dealers gonna be told they can't live within 10,000 feet of a school?

Are convicted meth users and/or dealers going to be told that they can't live in certain neighborhoods?

Such a complete waste of time and taxpayer money this proposal is!!



TicklemeElmo 7 years, 2 months ago

The legislature still hasn't funded the sex registry adequately to put names on, follow up to see if the convicts truly live where they are registered, track them down when they don't live where registered, and follow through with penalities for not registering. Until they can fund a mandate already required they shouldn't introduce new registration requirements, especially on the "evil of the day". I'm not saying Meth isn't a problem, but it's today's problem, several years ago it was some other drug that was the major problem, and in the near future another drug will be the "it drug" to be concerned about. At what point do we say one drug warrants registration but another drug doesn't? This is just a bad proposal without thought through consequences and priorities... besides, you need an address to register and true addicts don't retain a residence for long. The choice between paying mortgage/rent or buying the drug... hello... that drug's pull is so strong people sell their soul and their children for it, they won't keep an address for long.


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