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6News Podcast for 01-30-06

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Monday, Jan. 30, 2006

The Kansas Board of Education recently changed state science standards allowing criticism of evolution. A storm known as a "landspout" and described as a mini-tornado suddenly began shattering car windows in Wichita. Although most would want to leave Lawrence to join the KU baseball team and enjoy the wam weather for their first season opener in Hawaii, the weather in Lawrence remains hospitable to the team. Road woes continue for KU women's basketball as they are buried by Baylor losing by fifty points, 25-45. Don't let this warm wather fool you. While it doesn't seem like winter, the perverbial boot could drop at any time ushering in cold weather and the "common cold" along with it. President Bush is scheduled to unveil the 2006 fiscal year budget in early February. In honor of Kansas's birthday the Lawrence Public Library hosted a Kansas Day celebration where hundreds indulged in some of Kansas' most famed traditions. An Italian reptile makes it was to the KU campus. With the win over Iowa State on Saturday the Jayhawks move third in the Big 12 standings just below Colorado. And finally, KU track and field team hosted the Jayhawk Invitational track and field meet Saturday on campus.

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