Past events at Kansas Union, Alderson Auditorium

April 27, 2016
Sitar, Sarod, and Table Artists from India: A SPICMACAY Event
April 15, 2016
KU Security Conference: “Russia Along NATO’s Borders"
April 14, 2016
Japanese Studies Anime Lecture: "Ghost Dances: Studio Ghibli’s Haunting Legacy"
March 29, 2016
#KU_WWI Lecture Series: Everyday Lives on the Eastern Front. “A Minor Apocalypse: Everyday Life in
March 29, 2016
A Minor Apocalypse: Everyday Life in Warsaw during the First World War
March 10, 2016
“Aging and Technology: How Do We Know What Works?”
Feb. 1, 2016
3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets (Film Screening)
Oct. 5, 2015
China Town Hall: A Discussion of Chinese Investment in the U.S., & Economic Issues Within China
Sept. 4, 2015
KU CLAS Dean candidate presentation: Luis Casian
April 21, 2015
Live Traditional Indian Music Concert Presented by SPICMACAY
April 15, 2015
The Flat: Documentary Screening
March 7, 2015
CGIS Persian Festival: Fireworks Wednesday
March 7, 2015
Film Screening and Discussion: Asghar Farhadi’s Fireworks Wednesday
Feb. 16, 2015
Sesame Workshop's Rosemarie Truglio: "Lessons from 'Sesame Street,'"
Feb. 12, 2015
“Sovereignty of the Soul: Native Feminism and Violent Crime”
Oct. 23, 2014
East Asia: The Unique Life of Reindeer Herders in Mongolia
Oct. 16, 2014
China Town Hall Webcast and Lecture
Oct. 6, 2014
Lecture: Kansas Solicitor General Stephen McAllister
Sept. 25, 2014
“Barack Obama and the Future of Black Politics"
April 29, 2014
Intellectual Property and Propriety in Scholarly Communication
April 27, 2014
Panel Discussion on Academic Freedom
Feb. 21, 2014
Sowing Struggle: Social movements and the future of corn in Tlaxcala, Mexico
Feb. 18, 2014
Remembering the Art, Politics, and Legacy of Amiri Baraka
Feb. 11, 2014
Lecture: "Co-evolutionary History"
Feb. 10, 2014
Guest Lecturer Zachary Lesser: “‘Hamlet’ after Q1: To Be or Not to Be and the Meaning of Conscience"
Feb. 7, 2014
2014 William Allen White Award Winner Paul Steiger: “Toward a New Golden Age of Journalism"
Nov. 19, 2013
Defending the 2nd Amendment on Campus
Nov. 19, 2013
Free KU Film Screenings presented by Professor Hahne, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
Nov. 7, 2013
"Rethinking the American Dream: Education, Student Debt and Asset Building"
Oct. 28, 2013
China Town Hall Meeting: Live Webcast with Secretary Madeline Albright
Oct. 7, 2013
SUA Presents: Documentary Series: "Bully"
Oct. 7, 2013
SUA Presents: Documentary Series: Bully
Sept. 27, 2013
Free Screening of "Round Midnight"
April 10, 2013
Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony
March 30, 2013
Roving Imp Comedy Show
March 9, 2013
Roving Imp Comedy Show
Feb. 28, 2013
Cory Doctorow talk on copyright and the Internet
Feb. 28, 2013
"The Coming War on General Purpose Computing: Every single political issue will end up rehashing the
April 23, 2012
Matvei Yankelevich Poetry Reading
Nov. 10, 2011
Make it Funky: the Poetics of Hip Hop
Nov. 5, 2011
Kenneth Irby Colloquium
Nov. 5, 2011
Symposium/Panel Discussion: The Eberhardt Colloquium
Sept. 27, 2011
Siva Vaidhyanathan--"Be Evil: Google and the Perils of Corporate Social Responsibility"
Sept. 9, 2011
The CUT Tour - Film Screening
April 29, 2011
"William S. Burroughs: A Man Within" film screening and reception
Nov. 9, 2010
Charles Beaumont: The Twilight Zone's Magic Man
Nov. 8, 2010
Beauty: The Nature of Discovery in Science
Oct. 22, 2010
White Flag Warriors Tour - Operation Recovery
Sept. 30, 2010
Shakespeare authorship subject of lecture
Sept. 1, 2010
Paul Lauter, “From ‘Mississippi Summer’ (1964) to ‘The Heath Anthology,’”
May 9, 2010
The Scientific Search for ET
May 2, 2010
"Make It Funky," an exploration of African-American music and performance
March 3, 2010
“Commerce and Complicity: Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights Abuses as a Legacy of Nuremberg"
Feb. 23, 2010
Lecture: “Gender and HIV/AIDS: Global and Local Perspectives”
Feb. 9, 2010
Film screening: "Say My Name"
Jan. 29, 2010
3rd District Congressional Forum
Jan. 26, 2010
Transit open house
Dec. 4, 2009
Film: "Spartacus"
Sept. 24, 2009
Sci-fi author China Miéville
Sept. 23, 2009
Autism Awareness Panel Discussion
Sept. 17, 2009
Leonard Zeskind "Behind the Lines: What White Supremacists Think About What They Do"
July 15, 2009
"Schumann in Love”
July 8, 2009
KU Budget Forum
April 15, 2009
‘Devil’s Highway’ author lecture
April 1, 2009
KU to present Campus Heritage Plan at brown-bag luncheon
March 31, 2009
"The Adventures of Rolf Potts" and International Fashion Show
March 31, 2009
Robert Egger Visit
March 28, 2009
World Series of Pop Culture Tournament
March 23, 2009
Film screening: DJ Spooky’s "Rebirth of a Nation"
Feb. 21, 2009
Organizing meeting: East Lake Community Church
Feb. 19, 2009
"Design and Construction: Hand and Mind, the work of Rockhill and Associates and Studio 804"
Feb. 13, 2009
"A Century of the NAACP and the Struggle for Racial Equality" by the Langston Hughes Center
Feb. 5, 2009
"Androgynous Gods, Androgynous Nouns and the Invention of Heterosexuality in Ancient Rome"
Dec. 5, 2008
Interdisciplinary Lecture Series: "What Does A Liberal Society Owe the Disadvantaged?"
Dec. 1, 2008
Revolution in Film: "KT" (Japan)
Nov. 6, 2008
Revolution in Film: "The Battle of Chile (Part II)" (Chile)
Nov. 3, 2008
Revolution in Film: "Crossing the Line" (North Korea)
Oct. 15, 2008
Revolution in Film: "Let's Go with Pancho Villa" (Mexico)
Oct. 6, 2008
"Literacies of a Lifetime: Literature, Ethnicity, Code" with Keith Gilyard
Sept. 18, 2008
"A Chain Reaction: Nuclear Weapons, Policy and People"
Sept. 6, 2008
"Post Conventions: What's Next in Election 2008"
April 24, 2008
Carol Ann Carter Lecture: "Art @ Work: Mapping Transformation"
April 10, 2008
Jerry Fodor: "Evolution Without Adaptation"
April 9, 2008
Jerry Fodor: "What Kind of Theory is the Theory of Evolution"
April 3, 2008
Environmental Film Fest
April 2, 2008
LGBT Parent Panel
March 6, 2008
Lecture: Lyn Hejinian, University of California-Berkeley
Feb. 28, 2008
Poetry reading, with Denise Low, Elizabeth Schultz and Dennis Etzel
Feb. 21, 2008
Film: "Running in High Heels"
Feb. 7, 2008
Lecture by Kevin Willmott
Nov. 14, 2007
"Food for All"
Nov. 13, 2007
"Justice Without Borders": Pursuing Justice for Peru
Nov. 7, 2007
A Community of Hope Rebuilds: Greensburg Tornado Disaster
Oct. 23, 2007
"The Sudanese Lost Boys" film screening and discussion with Abraham Beny and Manute Bol
Oct. 10, 2007
"Firekeepers of the 21st Century: Women Chiefs in Canada"