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KU vs. Southern Miss

KU coach Mark Mangino yells from the sideline against Southern Mississippi on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 in Memorial Stadium.


Steve Miller 8 years, 5 months ago

Give that man another bale of hay and a gallon of milk for half time !!!!!!

Melissa Sigler 8 years, 5 months ago

Good GRIEF some of you really need to stop trying to be witty, you're not funny at ALL.

Imagine that, two days ago everyone was slamming the guy and now youre all to the rescue!

Facts stand:

Yes, he was a good coach and turned the program around, as well as discipline and grad rates.

No, his horrible people skills and way of 'punishinhment' should not be tolerated. 2nd degree hand burns are not a sign of a classy coach.

Yes, Id agree that the investigation came at a pretty fishy point and probably wasnt handled the right way.

And yes, Perkins did what he thought was best. 1...this program brings in a ton of money and it will decline with more losing seasons (lets face it, half of you didnt go before him and wouldnt if we continued this years' trend). one will want to come here to play under an abusive coach, resulting in less ranked recruits, worse teams, and less money....etc (you get the drift). Perkins may not be perfect but considering the new allegations and what he has to work with, he cant just do nothing, and if he did, then people would question his loyalty more than they already do.

No, just because we're losing Mangino doesnt mean we're doomed. There are other coaches out there who would be happy to come. Quit being so dang NEGATIVE.

Grrr! /end.

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