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Swine Flu vaccinations

Andrew Ellis 16, of Lawrence, was the first person to receive his H1N1 vaccine from Maria Ana Garza, who works for the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, at the first swine flu vaccine clinic this year in Douglas County. About 4,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine were on hand Oct. 21 at Coffin Sports Complex at Haskell University.


jackiestancil 8 years, 7 months ago

I am 5 months pregnant live in Lawrence, work in Topeka,and got off work early, only to show up at the HINI Clinic at 5:15 and be told that I could not get the shot. If they were closing the doors at 5 this should have been posted with the schedule in the newspaper. There were many other people that also were there the same time as me. How frustrating for all these people and what a total lack of planning on the part of the health department. The health department supposedly wants high risk groups to get vaccinated yet doesn't put out clear information. Does this mean the other clinics coming up really close at the posted time or an hour before.

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