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Behind the Lens: Kevin Sontag

Gorillas- This might be my favorite photograph. I took it at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. I didn't realize what a special photo it was until I saw it on the computer screen after the end of the day. The male in the foreground, almost smiling, looking in my general direction, posing as if he was on a photo shoot for a magazine or album cover. And the female in the background, totally aloof, more concerned about what is on her arm than anything else. I love the composition of the photo, the balance, and the minute details- the almost human qualities of the male's eyes, the variation of the color of the male's hair, or seeing the opposable thumb on the feet of the female. It is one of those moments in time that would probably have gone completely unnoticed. But because of the photograph, I get to treasure it for a lifetime.


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