A LifeStar helicopter leaves the scene of a multiple-injury accident as emergency response personnel tend to an injured person in the southbound lane of Highway 59 just south of the North 1000 Road exit on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Four people in the car were injured in the accident.

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Wayne James 5 years ago

When will people learn that you cannot get to your destination faster by tailgating the driver in front of them...especially at highway speeds. It makes me nervous and irritates me to have someone come up behind me and follow so closely that I cannot see their headlights (on or not) in my rearview mirror. Not that it does any good, but I yell at that driver to "back off" and sometimes tap my brake pedal to activate the brake lights to get them to realize that they need to back off.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years ago

That bothers me too, but much less now that I have a minivan, one of the longer ones. And, I have the optional 5 mph rear bumper, instead of the Federal standard of 2.5 mph. So, even if there's a car tailgating me, it's a ways back there, there's lots of sheet metal behind me, and quite often I have a massive weight advantage as well.

But about teaching people the mathematics of tailgating, the very small amount of time saved by speeding, and the total waste it is to slam on the brakes for a stop instead of coasting up to it, forget it. Because here in the United States, many people are quite proud of their lack of mathematical ability. Take this problem for example:

You are going on a trip of 93 miles. How much time will you save by driving 73 mph instead of 68 mph?

It would be interesting to see what percentage of drivers would be able to answer it correctly. (Yes, a calculator is required.)

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