This map shows Lawrence as it stood in 1873, 10 years after Quantrill's Raid. You'll notice a few differences between this and the Lawrence we know now. For instance, our 6th Street thoroughfare and the other numbered streets used to be named for prominent forefathers of Lawrence. Notice how the individual buildings are marked by who owned the property. See if you can find lot 29 on Vermont Street, home of Mrs. Jetta Dix, a Quantrill's Raid survivor. What's there now? The Eldridge and House buildings are still labeled, too. Also, if you saw that there's water running through what's now Watson Park, what you can't see is the old footbridge connecting east and west Lawrence. Many used that bridge to escape raiders. What other similarities or differences do you see in this map? Compare it to Quantrill's Raid landmarks on a modern map and imagine what it used to look like!


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