The Court 26 Apartments building located at 1821 W. 26th St. has been condemned by city inspectors because of unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Occupants have been given until Oct. 22 to vacate the property.

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snook3200 5 years, 8 months ago

the landlord was sure good enough when they needed a place to live and they had nowhere to live or needed and extention on their rent. but when he as to put his foot down and make decisions he doesnt want to make they turn to the city and this is what happens. it sure is a pity that the city allows this type of hate to happen. the landlord tries with the tenants to keep them out of the street and a roof over their head. this enviornment is good enough as long as the landlord does not give them no problems and allows them to do what ever they want. but if he puts his foot down, here comes the city. not fair, not fair. what about the landlord? he is a good man, extends his hand and gets it cut off. what kind of world are we living in that the city would allow a landlord to be hurt by the action of tenants that wont pay rent. you can condemn this place or that place all over town. look at yourself and look around. another place condemned like the trailer court in north lawerence, people hurt, homeless, families broken. i hope whoever like living there while they did not pay rent and then called it a bad place to live after words. shame on you. i know the owner is a good man and this is totally uncalled for. please support the owner of this property. not the tenants that did not pay their rent. god bless and love thy neighbor.

caligal 5 years, 8 months ago

yes the landlord is a good man. i have worked for him before. he worked with me when i had very little to live on and going back to school. yes it is cheap to live there, but maybe what you need to look at is what goes on in that building. yes these people chose to live there why cause rent is so high in that town. i have seen alot of people come and go from there. all they would have to do is be willing to work with him instead of making issues to where the law has to be involved. i could go on with more things but i wont.......

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