A loose ball rebound is suspended, between KU's Elijah Johnson, left, Conner Teahan, right and Purdue's Sandi Marcius, center, with 1:06 left on the game clock. This photo and next frame of Johnson securing the rebound, also taken at 1:06, demonstrates how, high-speed photography viewed in sequence can reveal what the human eye can not detect.

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cjeter 2 years ago

They are actually both there. The first being the lead photo at the top and the second being the rider at the left. It took me a while to see that too. Maybe not the best layout.


cthomp13 2 years ago

Yeah I would have to agree with Colohawk2. Why would you write a story about photos you took and not post the photos? Strange...


Sarah Carr 2 years ago

This story could be enhanced with the series of photos of which Mr. Yoder speaks, rather than just the one pix shown above.


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