Ruth and Walt Hull


4everlawrencelocal 6 years, 3 months ago

Okay I would just like to say I love this picture and this short but very sweet story about this Lawrence couple. Every week I get one here and read the paper and see who is getting married and so on. But this is the first time in years that I felt the need to comment. And it is because of this picture right here. You to look like my parent do in LOVE after all the years of living with one another and putting up with each other LOL!! Moving around and ending up in Lawrence. After all that you can still see the love. You can see it in her face and body that she still loves this man and the way he is looking at her is priceless!!! I no you have no Idea who I am and that is fine but I am a Lawrence girl that just hopes and preys that my husband and I can look at each other in 20 years the way you two look at each other!!!! Thank you for giving me hope for my future!!!!!

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