Lawrence schools superintendent Rick Doll, foreground, addresses school board members at a meeting in March 2011. After two and a half years of discussion, the Lawrence school board will formally vote whether to consolidate its smaller elementary schools on Monday.

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Cogito_Ergo_Es 6 years, 2 months ago

I predict they will throw the original Elementary School Task Force decision out the window. The prior board's worthless decision to close Wakarusa Valley and 2 or 3 other schools was orchestrated to meet the not-so-hidden agenda of others, and as such deserves to be thrown out. BUT, will this board have the guts to reverse the entire decision or just the part that saves THEIR schools? If they do decide to reverse that vote they need to reverse the entire thing and reopen Wakarusa Valley. Just say no to Broken Arrow and Sunflower's continued overcrowding and yes, to equity and Learning For All. Please reopen Wakarusa and do what's right for everyone's children.

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