Lawrence resident Hank Cotton is pictured with his storm shelter, which is built into his garage at Lake View Villas in West Lawrence. Cotton and other neighbors are concerned that their storm shelters may not be as safe as they were led to believe.

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devobrun 7 years ago

Hank, I would put an L-shaped outer wall in front of the door. 6 inch concrete would do it. Inside, I would mount seatbelts to the wall and put in a bench. Seatbelts are $20 each. Bench is maybe $100. The concrete wall would be about $500 if you build it yourself, $1200 if you hired it done. Buy some goggles, or better yet, get some motorcycle helmets with visors. Cheap ones are as little as $50. All totaled up, about $1600 installed. $900 if you do it yourself.

There, it is still cheaper than a $2000 door installed for another $300. Oh, don't forget to put an old pair of clothes and shoes and a flashlight for when you run in there in your jammies at 2 am.

SomePeople 7 years ago

I watched the video and am not quite certain I understand the logic here. You live in a structure where your builder has taken the time and energy to construct a room that is, without argument, significantly safer than being inside a typical slab home in Lawrence. This added construction cost has theoretically separated you from every other slab home that DOES NOT have a structure like this from a safety point of view AND from a resale perspective. You are basically trashing one of the items that would make your house more interesting to a potential buyer in the future, thereby decreasing your own value. If this was all to get a lower tax basis you could have just contested the value instead of bashing your own home publically.

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