I have a friend who bought what he calls the "2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Shoes". They were purchased right after the loss to Oklahoma State. They also require a piece of duck tape on the heel to avoid a blister that began with their first wearing, which was promptly added at halftime of the Davidson game after he forgot to put it on. The addition of the Jayhawk socks came as a gift. The foot ensemble is ONLY worn on game day! We all believe they are the lucky charm.


powers44 10 years, 1 month ago

those shoes aren't lucky! I heard that a majority of these games are watched on a couch that is also occupied by none other than executive sous chef "ferrari" powers. There's where your victories come from. Also, let's not discount the obvious about this years kansas basketball team... everyone knows that if you take a shot of whiskey every time sasha kaun scores, we can not be defeated. seriously, it can't be the shoes.

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