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Who in your life has been affected by breast cancer?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on October 8, 2013

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Photo of Michael Torke

“My maternal grandmother.”

Photo of Sandy Self

“My mother, my aunt and my aunt’s daughter.”

Photo of Marianne Gowen

“No one in my family, but colleagues and friends.”

Photo of Dennis Chern

“My wife and my mother.”


loosecaboose 3 years ago

I understand and support all of these efforts. But the pink newspaper brought back the horrible memories of the last six and one half years of my first wife's life. Even though I remarried (25 years now), those memoriesare always there and what might have been,

WarHawk78 3 years ago

My maternal grandmother and my sister. Both survivors

George_Braziller 3 years ago

A good friend, my aunt, and my great grandmother.

My aunt was the only one who survived.

nocrybabies 3 years ago

Mom is a 46 year survivor and still going strong.

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