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Photo of Martin Braden

“‘Old School Hot Rods,’ by Alan Mayes. It reminds me of a lot of the work I’ve done on cars in my life, and the kind of cars I like.”

Photo of Chris Mitchell

“‘The Illustrated Directory of Guitars,’ by Nick Freeth. There’s all kinds of guitars in this book, it’s huge. I have several favorite guitars; Jackson, Dean and ESP. I love guitars.”

Photo of Jessica Isaac

“‘The Minister’s Wooing’ by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It’s set in puritan New England, and it’s about a young woman who is going to be wooed by a minister. It’s a sentimental novel.”

Photo of Austin Bailey

“‘Confessor,’ by Terry Goodkind. It’s the last in a fantasy/fiction series that’s very, very well written. Terry Goodkind is definitely my favorite author. It’s not like Harry Potter … it’s written for college-level readers.”


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