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What are you reading?

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Photo of Dennis Domer

“‘Blues’ by John Hersey. It’s about catching fish in the North Atlantic. They’re vicious fish. ”

Photo of Israel Nelson

“‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold. It’s about this girl who is looking down from heaven, watching her family while they are trying to find her murderer.”

Photo of Roger Pates

“‘The Collected What If? Eminent Historians Imagining What Might Have Been,’ by Robert Cowley. I’m just looking to bone up on my history and a little summertime reading.”

Photo of Yuri Zupancic

“‘The Subterraneans,’ by Jack Kerouac. It’s fairly autobiographical, road journals, typical Kerouac stuff. It’s set in San Francisco, and I’m going there next week.”

Photo of Annie White

“‘Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies,’ by Erin Dionne. It is about a young girl whose overbearing mother enters her into a plus-size modeling contest. … It’s brand-spanking new, and a lot of the kiddos are reading it.”


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