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Photo of Abby Livingston

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. It’s about a young boy whose father died in 9-11 and his journey to make sense of it.”

Photo of Garrett Wagner

Troy,’ by Ad├âle Geras. It’s a narrative history of the Trojan War.”

Photo of Leah Pound

“The last book I read was ‘Snuff,’ by Chuck Palahniuk. He’s my favorite author. I’ve read all of his novels, and he’s an amazing writer.”

Photo of Warren Legler

“I just finished ‘Angler,’ by Barton Gellman. It’s the story of the Cheney vice presidency, and Angler is the Secret Service code name for him.”

Photo of Whitney Chaplin

Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed,’ by Carlo Petrini, Jamey Lionette and Vandana Shiva. It’s a collection of essays about the condition of farming and how it should be changed to become more sustainable.”


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