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What are you reading?

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Photo of Bruce Frey

“‘Watchmen’: a comic book by Alan Moore. It’s considered the best comic book ever written. …Time magazine picked it as one of the 100 most important novels of the 20th century.”

Photo of Beth Brady

“‘Shooter,’ by Jack Coughlin and Casey Kuhlman (and Donald A. Davis). It’s about a Marine sniper. I am interested in what are troops are having to live through.”

Photo of Rebecca Dirks

“‘Can You Keep a Secret?,’ by Sophie Kinsella. A friend from school gave it to me and insisted I read it. It’s very similar to ‘Bridget Jones’ Diaries,’ lots of awkward moments.””

Photo of Jeremy Antley

“‘I’m Not Stiller,’ by Max Frisch. It’s a book about rediscovering who you are when you try to run away from yourself.”


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