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What are you reading?

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Wicked,’ by Gregory Maguire. I’m going to read it before I go see the play. Unfortunately it’s going to be awhile, so I have plenty of time.”

Something Blue,’ by Emily Giffin. It’s about a woman who has her fiance stolen by her best friend and then moves off to London, but discovers she is pregnant with twins.”

A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist,’ by Abbot Vonier. It’s about the theology of sacraments and the Eucharist specifically.”

Velvet Elvis,’ by Rob Bell. It focuses on his personal growth experiences and how he came to understand more about Christianity by studying ancient Hebrew culture.”

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ms_canada 9 years, 4 months ago

Reading another one of the series by Margaret Fraser about a 15th century nun named Dame Frevisse. She lives in a priory but frequently is sent outside on business. That business usually involves some sort of crime that she solves. She is very good at that. A holy detective. They are very good stories with lots of glimpses of life in the 1400's in England. All the books have a title similar to this" A Hunter's Tale, A Widow's Tale, A Traitors Tale. I love these stories.

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