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What is your favorite class this semester?

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Photo of Katherine Corliss

“Yearbook. It’s a really fun experience. We pretty much get to take the yearbook in whatever direction we want to go.”

Photo of Katherine Berger

“English, because I love to read, write and make up my own stories.”

Photo of Justin Yankee

“I’d have to say gym, because I get a lot of good exercise and it’s a lot of fun.”

Photo of Hannah Markley

“Probably yearbook. We don’t do everything together as a class. We all come in and do our own jobs, so it’s pretty cool.”

Photo of Abe Sampson

“Health, because I have a nice teacher and it’s an easy class.”

Photo of Ruthie Ozonoff

“I really like my 3-D art class, because it’s the first art class where we get to work with different materials like clay and wood, not just paper.”

Photo of Justin West

“Social studies, because I like my teacher and I like what I’m learning about in class.”

Photo of Whitney Jaimez

“Math, because our teacher is nice and our homework is pretty easy.”


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