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What are you reading?

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Photo of John Priddle

“I just finished ‘Simple Genius,’ by David Baldacci. It’s a mystery about the C.I.A.

Photo of Kelly Pinet

A Whole Life’s Work,’ by Lewis Richmond. It’s written by a man who was studying to be a Buddhist monk in the ‘60s. It’s a pretty good book on consciousness and spirituality.”

Photo of James Slattery

“I just read ‘The Yiddish Policemen’s Union,’ by Michael Chabon. It’s a murder mystery set in an alternate reality where the Jewish people settled in Alaska rather than Israel after World War II.”

Photo of Samantha Brown

Calm My Anxious Heart,’ by Linda Dillow. It’s a Christian look at how you shouldn’t live a life full of worry.”

Photo of Chyla Eugster

“I’m reading ‘The Pursuit of Holiness,’ by Jerry Bridges. It’s about pursuing godliness and how you should live your life according to the Bible. A lot of it is about resisting temptation and pursuing things that are eternal.”


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