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Photo of Katherine Mulder

“I just finished ‘The Alchemist,’ by Paulo Coelho. It’s the story about a boy who is a shepherd. It’s about him pursuing his dreams, or in his case a treasure, and it’s kind of a spiritualistic, inspiring tale.”

Photo of Brieun Scott

Black Lace,’ by Beverly Jenkins. It’s a romance novel about a government sting operation. The main character gets involved by accident and of course falls in love with the person who saves her.”

Photo of Jeremy Fischer

The Dark Side of Valuation,’ by Aswath Damodaran. It’s about evaluating small and privately held companies, primarily technology companies, and how their value is determined differently than others.”

Photo of Lee Domann

Storming Heaven,’ by Jay Stevens. It’s a very well-written account of the discovery and research surrounding LSD and its subsequent use and misuse in American culture.”

Photo of Megan Colonna

The Tempest,’ by Shakespeare. It’s basically one long poem, I guess you could say. It’s pretty much all about revenge.”


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