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Photo of Tyler Davis

‘The Brotherhood of the Rose,’ by David Morrell. It’s about two orphans who are raised to be assassins, but their mentor uses one of them as a scapegoat.””

Photo of Sarah Andyshak

‘The Illuminator,’ by Brenda Rickman Vantrease. It’s about an illuminator who does book illustrations for a monastery. It’s set in the late 14th century.””

Photo of Lane Stallbaumer

‘The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green,’ by Joshua Braff. It’s about the life of a Jewish boy from adolescence to his mid-teens.””

Photo of Afton Beebe

‘Ruth Hall,’ by Fanny Fern. It’s about a woman losing her husband and child and how she perseveres through life.””

Photo of Hannah Powell

‘A Dirty Job,’ by Christopher Moore. This guy temporarily becomes death and passes souls around. It’s kind of morbid humor, but as you read it everything becomes more realistic.””


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