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What are you reading?

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Photo of Jill Domnick

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter,’ by Kim Edwards. It’s about a doctor back in the ‘70s whose wife gives birth to twins, one of which has Down’s syndrome, and he justifies giving his daughter to one of his nurses.”

Photo of Zach White

Into the Wild,’ by Jon Krakauer. It’s a true story about a kid who gives his life savings of $25 to charity and heads to Alaska to live off the land. It’s really more about the people he influences along the way.”

Photo of Lucy Santaularia

“I’m reading ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ by James Frey. I read a lot of books from Oprah’s Book Club. It’s a really interesting read. He did a very good job making it up.”

Photo of Ryan Rosinsky

1984,’ by George Orwell. I’ve never read it before. People often comment that the state of our government is becoming very Orwellian. So I wanted to read it to make my own comparisons.”


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