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What activities do you have planned for this summer?

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Photo of William Patterson

“I’m going to a church day camp, and I’m going to hang out at the public library. I might get a summerlong pass to the pool. Other than that I’ll probably go to Worlds of Fun and visit some folks.”

Photo of Mariah Henderson

“I’m going to Disney World, and I’m going to camp. I’ll probably spend the rest of my time hanging out with friends.”

Photo of Soohyun Kang

“I’m going to Korea for the entire summer to see my family.”

Photo of Gus Wigen-Toccalino

“I’m going to be playing a lot of basketball with my coach, Cougar, and I’m also taking some Greek language classes. Otherwise I’ll just be relaxing.”

Photo of Emily Braden

“I’m going to be working at Brandon Woods. I’m going to Girl’s State at KU for about a week, and other than that I’m just hanging out.”

Photo of Patrick Brown

“I guess I’m try to get a job and find things to spend my money on like video games. I try not to plan it out too much or worry about the details.”

Photo of Jesse Madrigal

“I’ll be working and exercising a lot at Dog Days. I’m also going to Washington, D.C., for a global youth conference.”

Photo of Felicia Carey

“A bunch of concerts like Wakarusa and the Reggae Festival in Kansas City. I might also be doing some camping in Colorado.”

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