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How do high gas prices affect people your age?

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Photo of Julian Kuszmaul

“My dad isn’t going to give me any money for gas when I get out of drivers ed.”

Photo of Kim Calik

“I have to pay for all my own gas and everything else for my car, so I never have any spending money. I can drive downtown with my friends, but I can’t buy anything when I get there.”

Photo of Spencer Brown

“We can’t have as much fun as we want to, and we all have to pile into the same car. We get paid so little at our jobs because we’re young that it makes it hard to afford.”

Photo of Quent Bonner

“Our parents can’t spend as much money on us, and it makes them angry because they have to spend it all on gas. It will make us angry, too, when we get our cars.”

Photo of Andreina Bolivar

“It’s harder for us to get rides to school and certain places we want to go.”

Photo of Bethany Swain

“We have to live with our irritated parents. It’s a major downer.”

Photo of Amelia Wilson

“We don’t get enough spending money because our parents need it for gas.”

Photo of Sebastian Bonner

“It costs a lot of money to get us where we need to go, so we don’t get as much money for shopping or sports.”

Photo of Jared Klug

“It affects us a lot because my parents make me pay for my gas if it’s for something personal that I want to do, but they cover it for school.”


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