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Can you name the state song, flower, tree, mammal, bird and reptile?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 29, 2006

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Photo of Ken Hostetler

Home on the Range,’ sunflower, cottonwood, maybe a jackrabbit or something, but I really have no idea, meadowlark and some kind of snake.”

Photo of Jessica Kuszak

“I have no idea, the sunflower, cottonwood, buffalo, meadowlark and a salamander.”

Photo of Adam Lott

Home on the Range,’ sunflower, cottonwood, buffalo, meadowlark and the box turtle.”

Photo of Aimee Richardson

Home on the Range,’ sunflower, cottonwood, bison, meadowlark and I think it’s some kind of turtle. I’m going to say box turtle.”

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conservativepunker 12 years ago

If Kansans only had pride un their state like , say Texans. Even with all the bad or disagreeable, they still love their state. But then, I think Kansans have a bid self-image problem. Dorothy, yeah it's flat (NOT!)...etc. I've been all over, when people ask me where I'm from and I tell them, I give 'em 5 minutes to get The Wizard references out.

classclown 12 years ago

On the street forgot to ask people to name the state science. Intelligent Design.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

song: Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb flower: sunflower_sue:) tree: KS has trees? mammal: trap door buffalo bird: flying prairie squid amphibian: flying prairie squid reptile: rattle-headed copper moccasin fruit: Fred Phelps (and family)

kutwitch 12 years ago

You forgot our amphibian the tiger salamander.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

Fred Phelps also classifies as an insect.

ms_canada 12 years ago

Home On The Range Sunflower Western Meadowlark Ornate Box Turtle Tiger Salamander Honey Bee Cottonwood Tree

Am I not too clever?????

ms_canada 12 years ago

Not so clever after all, I forgot the poor old American Buffalo or Bison. Please forgive.

Gareth Skarka 12 years ago

State Song: What a Friend We Have In Jesus State Flower: The Long-Stemmed Jesus State Tree: The Cross State Bird: The Red-Breasted Jesus State Mammal: Jesus

...I mean, that's pretty much what the rest of the country thinks of us....

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

beatrice 12 years ago

song: "Arizona" flower: saguaro cactus bloom tree: yellow palo verde mammal: ringtail bird: cactus wren reptile: Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake

Lets just say this Dorothy isn't in Kansas anymore. Happy Kansas Day to those who are!

The string of removed items from last night might be a record. From what I saw before the "ryan-ization" of posts is that it was just a bunch of restaurant talk. I blame Cealach for making it naughty. ; )

killjoy 12 years ago

State inanimate object: roundabout Too bad we already picked the state symbol for the quarter.

Purell 12 years ago

Better question: Why do we have state animals anyway?

Some posts are disappearing without a trace, I think there were 84 posts, 9 or 20 comments removed and at least 14 that disappeared completely yesterday. Today, at least two have completely disappeared. David Ryan &/or David Cox cranky?

Ceallach 12 years ago

EGAD!!!! Testing, testing, to see if I'm still allowed to post! I can see that I must be a good girl and walk the line or I will disgrace the family name by having it banned :(

Oh, and bea, thanks for your words of support -- NOT! I'm innocent I tell you....very nearly innocent (since none of us can claim to be wholly innocent).

I can name the current state inquisitioner .... but I won't because I would just be deleted.

militant, it appears neither family dining nor corporal punishment are suitable topics of discussion.

ms_canada, with or without the bison, you are truly wise!

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

apparently, popular KS bumper stickers are off limits as well as family dining. Must be good...Must be good!

Ms_C, did you ask Jeeves? (Not that I don't agree that you are truly wise!)

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

Yes, I entirely blame Ceallach and Ms. Bea for the bloodbath on posts yesterday. we should punish them by ordering them to stand in the middle of roundabouts in lawrence and wave.

prospector, here's a vote to keep "home on the range" as is. it is beautiful poetry. I have heard three different arrangements, love every one.

now, how about lawrence versions of these state icons?

Lawrence song: ? lawrence bird: ostrich.
lawrence reptile: downtown panhandling homeless.

Ragingbear 12 years ago

State Song: We're off to see the Wizard State Flower: Emerald City Poppy State Tree: Talking Apple Tree State Bird: Western Monkey Bird State Mammal: Cowardly Lion

ms_canada 12 years ago

Ceallach and sunflower sue - you don't have to be especially wise to google. :o)

classclown 12 years ago

Lawrence song: ? ..... Because I Got High

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

indeed Ceallach. sorry.

lawrence song: :"I'm forever chasing rainbows?"

Lawrence tree: "wheeping willow?

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

hear all three arrangements of "home on the range" performed by a very large variety of artists at:> my favorite source of internet music (or is that musik).
"happy trails to you, till we meet again ..."

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