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Do you think that Sam Brownback has a chance to win the 2008 Republican presidential nomination?

Asked at Borders, 700 N.H. on December 5, 2006

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Photo of Dee Dee Eberle

“He’s got as good a chance as any other Republican at this point in history.”

Photo of Matthew O'Connell

“He has no chance. He’ll be lucky if he can hold off Boyda in 2010.”

Photo of Ray Beaumont

“No. He’s too conservative. I think people are ready for somebody a little more moderate than who we’ve had.”

Photo of Shanna Wagner

“I hope not. There are other more popular candidates with better media awareness.”


tell_it_like_it_is 11 years ago

Not if the republicans want to win the white house.

trinity 11 years ago

lol can i be your running mate sgt?

sigh i predict about 250 posts on this topic-before NOON. the far left&right oughta be here soon.

Kyle Neuer 11 years ago

The phrase "Snowball in hell" leaps to mind.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Py, I love the smelt that support my candidacy, and I desire to reach out to the smelt that do not yet support my candidacy. I want to understand what they're thinking so that I know how I might gain their support. Because I believe I can be the best representative for every smelt in America.

Also, the dog sure smelt bad when he got sprayed by that skunk.

blessed3x 11 years ago

He can't carry the conservative vote because of his stance on immigration and he can't sway the liberals because of his stance on abortion and gay marriage. Mr. Brownback, don't waste your money or our time.

(and I'm a conservative!)

Staci Dark Simpson 11 years ago

Guiliani will be hard to beat. I think I would just save the money and not run!

acg 11 years ago

Absolutely not. I think the republican party sees the writing on the wall after the last election. Mainstream America is tired of being prosletyzed to by a bunch of bible weilding hypocrites. Go away Brownback and sell your crazy someplace else. :)

cutny 11 years ago

He's got about as much of a chance as I do.

brookcreeker 11 years ago

OK, forgetting the fact that he is far too conservative to appeal to any moderates or independents, Brownback doesn't look presidential - he looks like death warmed over. It won't play on tv.

BigDog 11 years ago

Matthew --- Boyda is going to have to worry about her own re-election in 2008 before Brownback will have to worry about her.

I doubt Brownback has enough support or name recognition to defeat ANY of the major candidates (Guiliani, Romney or McCain). He could possibly be a VP candidate if someone is looking to balance their ticket with a conservative and someone from midwest. Overall his chances are just above the chances I will win. But it gets his name out there on a national level for whatever that is worth.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

I have to agree w/ TOB. (did I just say that?) took the words right outta my mouth.

Sgt, that was the best answer I've ever heard and you've got my vote. (It was the last line that did it.)

RI, what if the boots are out every night? Will we be excluded because we already observe this day year 'round?

yankeelady 11 years ago

Too bad he isn't up for reelection to the Senate in 08. We could have said bye bye to him all together. Even Brownback wouldn't run for President and reelection in the same year. The bad thing is, he will reenforce the media views of Kansas.

Becca 11 years ago


Mr. Brownback, people in hell want ice water too.

To quote the great Mick Jagger, you can't always get what you want.

feefifofum 11 years ago

I like a lot of things about him - but I would say a very slim chance in 2008. GOP likely to pick somebody that everyone thinks is a moderate - they will get pounded unless the Dems are stupid enough to run Hillary. Moderate Republicans are beloved by the press until they attempt to run for President.

Tony Kisner 11 years ago


While I would support your run for Pres. I'm guessing that you may need to wait 10 years?, to become of age (35 years old). - But I can wait.

Lilfish338 11 years ago

HAHA, I think I would have a better chance to win rather than Brownback in 2008!!

*and that is pretty sad...

Ceallach 11 years ago

No on the Brownback question.

But sgt does! Especially if he campaigns with the motto, "life, liberty and Klondike bars for all." Do you two need a campaign manager?

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Easy: President? Dang! I thought we were talking about Drain Commissioner!

Anyway, I'm sure we can figure out a way to overcome this unfortunate hurdle. I mean, it's not like I actually have to follow the law as a politician, right?

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Ceal, that's brilliant. I can see the signs now:

Sgt/Trinity 2008 ... for a Klondike Bar.

You're hired.

EasilyAmused 11 years ago

Sgt - I suggest fraud - make sure you drag in a lot of people, but that it will only be kept under wraps for the first two years of presidency. Now the question is: What can you name the forthcoming scandal?

Jackalope 11 years ago

Harold Stassen, where are you when we need you? I have a gut feeling that with you gone to a better world that Brownback is attempting to start what you were not able to finish.

Bone777 11 years ago

The 'snake oil' salesmen of yester-year are the most successful politicians of today.

Brownback can't sell the snake oil.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

scandal..."The Klondike Kaper"

would capers go well with smelts?

RI, in KS, they're not Wellingtons...they're muck boots. And salt might do them some good.

Bone777 11 years ago

I know the history, not the present. I would imagine the professor has returned to beating himself.

badger 11 years ago

You know, I have this recurring nightmare where it's a Brownback/Jeb Bush ticket vs a Hilary Clinton/Joe Lieberman ticket, and I'm a sniper with a clear shot and only two bullets.

Seriously, a successful Brownback election vision, for me, hinges, Tom Clancy-like, on a massive disaster taking out 90% of the politicians in Washington.

beatrice 11 years ago

You people are failing to see the obvious -- he has God on his side! He couldn't possibly lose with that kind of support. Heck, when given the nod from the Reps he should add Pat Robertson as his V.P. We are talking about a guaranteed Republican victory, no computer hacking necessary! Once people are struck down dead for turning in early ballots against God's choice, then the majority will understand. Slogan: "A vote against Brownback is a vote against God!"

And what is with the Hillary bashing? This is about Brownback, not the centrist New York Senator who wants to push health care for the masses over tax cuts for Paris Hilton. Why the fear? Don't believe the lies coming from Fox News. Hillary/Obama '08.

Jackalope 11 years ago

The "good professor" is still there.

bankboy119 11 years ago

Bea that would be the scariest presidency ever. I can see the Dems trying to pull it though to get more votes from women and minorities.

No to the Brownback question. I think either McCain or Guiliani is going to get the Repub ticket.

beatrice 11 years ago

Sorry, bb, but we are actually living through the scariest presidency ever. I don't see how the next presidency could be scarier -- unless it were Brownback.

BigDog 11 years ago

bankboy .... the scariest presidency ever would be a Hillary/Brownback ticket or Brownback/Hillary ticket..... disaster for both parties. It could create a third party though, so it may not be all bad.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

I'd vote for sgt. He had his big disappointment in the bowl selection so he may be able to do something about the BCS if made President.

badger 11 years ago

Beatrice -

You know I live a little left of center, and even I think that the worst thing that could happen to the Democratic Party is for it to put her on the ticket. Aside from her controversy and various touches of scandal in her past, she's arrogant and abrasive, a trait we don't need in a leader - given that the current Administration makes 'arrogant and abrasive' its watchwords. We need a statesman, someone with class and poise and the ability to reforge our relationships with world leaders, regardless of party.

My objection to Hilary is actually for the same reasons as my objections to Brownback. I believe that she is not moderate enough. Both of them are polarizing influences, even within their own parties. They're no good at consensus-building, no good at bridging to compromise, and frankly we need someone closer to the middle. I've had enough "My way or the Highway, You're Either With Us or Against Us" governance to last me a lifetime.

Also? Not Obama's time yet. He needs seasoning.

BigDog 11 years ago

Badger - if you take Hillary and Obama out of the Democratic picture .... who do you see as being their top candidates?

trinity 11 years ago

woohoo, what a campaign! Klondike bars all 'round! let's ROLL sgt! :)

hey-tell all your friends family co workers to get busy&POST today!!!! i'm gonna have to be makin' virtual cookies!

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Gootsie, if I had the chance to make changes to college football, I would go back to the pre-BCS system. You know, the one that didn't have a system. The systems are ruining college football.

badger 11 years ago

Well, I had my eyes on Warner, but last I hear he's a declared no-go, which makes me sad. I looked forward to what he had to say. We'll have the lineup of The Usual Suspects, of course (no, really, maybe THIS time it's Gephardt's year!). With luck, John Kerry's 'joke' gaffe has taken him out of the running.

I'll admit that my thoughts have touched more than once on a Kansan I'd sure like to see make that run. Smart, savvy, politically adept, brilliant with the consensus-building, and moderate as all get out (and soon-to-be-announced Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association).

But mostly, right now, because I see Clinton getting knocked out (probably in Iowa, as she's made no secret of her feelings that Midwestern farmers, as opposed to the being the Salt of the Earth, are Dumb as Dirt), and the party unwilling to fully swing behind Obama without a pretty strong showing in the early primaries, I think the field's pretty well open (which is why I think a somewhat unknown governor from Kansas actually has a fair shot).

beatrice 11 years ago

I'm shocked that I have to do this about one of your posts, badger, but can you please site your source on Clinton calling Midwestern farmers "Dumb as Dirt." It sounds to me like you are just pulling stuff out of the air on this one. As far as Hillary not being moderate enough -- what, is she actually too far to the right for your liking? She is for mine, at times.

By the way, don't forget the somewhat unknown governor who recently won re-election by a landslide in the "red" state of Arizona.

Ceallach 11 years ago

All y'all just send your campaign contribution information (credit card #, expiration date, and don't forget those 3 numbers on the back of the card) to Remember now, Klondike bars aren't cheap!! sarge and trin need your help (and I need your money) for their vision to be realized.

:) thousand and one, thousand and two, thousand and . . .

rhd99 11 years ago

What would one do for a Klondike bar, folks? Sam Brownback could be a GREAT actor for that commercial because the way he has been as a real life Senator scares the dickens out of me. He uses religion to promote problematic solutions to problems that are none of his or the government's business. The reason he scares me is that he does NOT take caution in how he mixes religion with official government business. HELLO, Senator, did they NOT teach you in law school that there IS a separation between church & state?! Oh, I forgot you must have slept in class when they went over the document our nation lives by, the CONSTITUTION!

EasilyAmused 11 years ago

Love the Klondike bar campaign, but for a successful campaign, you may also want to appeal to the health-conscious out there - don't alienate the salad lovers

rhd99 11 years ago

By the way, folks, let me be clear, Brownback irks me to no end. It is time for you & I, who do not want Brownback representing false us in 2008. His values & that of Kansas values that Governor Sebelius believes are like apples & oranges comparison. If we want to take Kansas back like we did this year, we are gonna have to get on the band wagon, & end this embarassment (Brownback) for all Kansans.

rhd99 11 years ago

Sorry folks, I meant to say I do NOT want Brownback representing us with his false values in 2008 & beyond. Sorry for the typo.

rhd99 11 years ago

Phill Kline as Brownback's running, mate (laughing so hard), whoo, get me some air, I am dying of extreme laughter. Wow, did I read it right? Kline as a possible running mate for Brownback? Quick, call the National Enquirer! Bill O'Reilly's puppet running for Vice President. Stop me, quick, the laughter I am feeling right now just won't quit.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

sgt & trin, you may want to fire Ceal as your campaign manager. I have an extra $360,000 that I tried to donate to your campaign (for tax purposes, of course) and that site she posted wasn't even a valid web address. This reflects poorly on you both! I've reconsidered and now I think I'll donate to RI's "save the daylight" fund instead...Nah!

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Easily, would a Klondike-based salad fill that void?

Crispian Paul 11 years ago

Well, where's Right Thinker? I was really looking forward to him asserting that I have the power to make this entiure state look backwards and ignorant of the world outside....It makes me feel muy poderosa (very powerful) and I kinda like it .

trinity 11 years ago

we promise a Klondike in every freezer&some salad in every crisper! yeah! :p

oh-and virtual cookies, for the wager i blew earlier regarding how many posts there'd be on this gem of a topic. ;)

(::) here's one to start

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

You know, trinity, as a politician, you're not supposed to keep promises or uphold your end of wagers. You're supposed to find a reason to question the validity of the promise or wager.

That said, I really like cookies, so don't stop now.

beatrice 11 years ago

blue, if you really think that is what she will base her campaign around, then I could understand why you you wouldn't want to vote for her. I doubt encouraging conservation through slower speeds will be the basis for her campaign, however, nor will it even make it as a slogan. My money for a slogan is on "Hillary: She Doesn't Suck!" I believe Bill already introduced this a few years back, though, so she might have to update it.

ohjayhawk 11 years ago

I'll vote twice for the sgt/trinity ticket if I could get a Drumstick!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

RI, I own no yellow boots. My boots are black. And did you really go back that far just to prove a point? Mercy! Uncle! Stoppppp! (the extra p's were just for you) :P

trinity, fantastic virtual cookie! My virtual stomach would like a virtual glass of milk, please.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

ohjayhawk, do you mean an ice cream drumstick? We probably can't ask for more than Klondikes, as he may not have the funding just yet for a treat with nuts.

ohjayhawk 11 years ago

Gootsie - That was definitely what I was referring to... Anyway, you may be right. Oh well, perhaps for the re-election campaign???

Ceallach 11 years ago

They always blame the campaign manager!! I'm innocent I tell you, and if and when I ever return to the states I will prove it!!

BigDog 11 years ago

Ceallach - In politics you don't have to prove anything ...... just claim that you don't recall anything.

BigDog 11 years ago

now you have it ...... you are all ready for politics

Ceallach 11 years ago

Now I can run with the Big Dogs? Woo Hoo!!

Ceallach 11 years ago

Thanks to the commitment and untiring efforts of sarge and trin, Kansas has been rated the #16 (out of 50 - that ain't bad) healthiest state in the US of A. They now pledge to increase Klondike and salad allotments, wherever possible, to bring Kansas to #1 before the end of their term.

Oh yeah, and keep those donations coming.

** Minnesota Tops List of State Health Rankings Monday, November 08, 2004 WebMD

By Todd Zwillich


  1. Minnesota 25.0

  2. New Hampshire 23.9

  3. Vermont 22.8

  4. Hawaii 17.7

  5. Utah 17.6

  6. Massachusetts 17.3

  7. North Dakota 15.8

  8. Connecticut 15.0

  9. Wisconsin 14.4

  10. Maine 13.7

  11. Iowa 13.2

  12. Nebraska 11.7

  13. Colorado 11.6

  14. Rhode Island 10.9

  15. Washington 9.1

  16. Kansas 7.3

Crispian Paul 11 years ago

I know I will get slammed for this, but I actually really like Hillary Clinton. I think she is a tireless worker as Pywacket says, she is incredibly intelligent, irreverent and honest. Let the insults flow....

beatrice 11 years ago

Crispian, you are my hero! If George W. Bush can get elected as President, then certainly Hillary has a real chance (we just need to make it so a bunch of people think they are actually casting a vote for Pat Buchanan).

BigDog 11 years ago

Honest?????? ...... there is one quality that isn't usually mentioned in the same sentence with Hillary Clinton.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Corruption? Ha! We are impervious to corruption. We scoff at the very mention of corruption.

We don't need no stinkin' corruption.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

since RI has all the p's, I'm hiding the q's.

Are there any virtual truffles left?

Staci Dark Simpson 11 years ago

Do you think Hillary just wants to get Bill back by having a boy under her desk?

purplesage 11 years ago

Senator Brownback is too right - and I am not talking about political status. He is a excellent senator and represents my views well. However, I regret that he has little chance in today's America.

Boyda in '08???? She doesn't have a clue and that will soon be obvious. He'd better look out for Sebelius, though.

EasilyAmused 11 years ago

Sgt. - Klondike based salad - hmmmm - I think that may alienate both the klondike bar right wingers and the salad bar left. Maybe you should run instead on the ticket of "Freedom to Dine" That way you won't have to worry about the pasta lovers bloc v. the Atkins coalition v. the Vegetarian sect v. meat and potatoes faction, and the list goes on

badger 11 years ago

bea -

Sorry for the long time responding, but it was 'crazy afternoon at work' day, followed by 'go to the gym Tuesday' followed by the Dionysium (tonight there was a Coleridge recitation, a cello piece, and a debate on the validity of third parties), and I'm just now back online.

I never said she called them Dumb as Dirt, just that that's how she comes off, the impression I get from her. As for not being a moderate, her view of a healthcare plan reads to me like the first step on socialized medicine. A Canadian friend is trying to get treatment for her lupus under their socialized medicine system, and just her story alone makes me wary of any more government involvement in medical care, not to mention some of the articles and stories I've seen over the years (oh, and my total lack of faith in government to operate anything efficiently).

And as for 'not playing nice has worked for MEN all these years' and 'so what if she's arrogant and rude and half the country actively dislikes her, she's better than Bush'? Those lines of thought actively bother me. You're right, being an ass has gotten men all sorts of advancement. It hasn't, however, been all that great for the country to be run by pushy, dubiously ethical (I STILL can't fathom Whitewater, and don't feel confident that she isn't a real estate scammer), uncompromising people. How much of the population would currently make a better President than George W Bush? Does that qualify them for office? No. Just because we elected one arrogant marginally qualified barely literate buffoon doesn't mean that we should only set our sights on 'Better than this guy'.

SpeedRacer 11 years ago

As Brownback follows the path of Divine Providence, I expect that soon someone will be invoking the Divine Right of Kings.

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