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Do you ever make gifts for others?

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Photo of Tony Pelligreen

“Yes, but my dad will help me with them. I give people stuff like calendars and book jackets.”

Photo of Mulligan Greenwell

“I do very often. I make a lot of art for my friends, and collages and cards. I like to knit as well. I’ve resolved to knit more, but it’s hard to find the time.”

Photo of Abby Wagner

“Sometimes, like potholders, cards and pictures to give to my mom and dad and my aunt.”

Photo of Katie Gaches

“Yes. I give my friends homemade books, toys and Christmas ornaments. I think a homemade gift means more than a store-bought gift, because it means that you really thought about the person.”

Photo of Jordan Gaches

“Nope. I don’t. I did when I was younger, but now I just buy them.”

Photo of Trevor Everett

“Usually not. Unless I did them in school. Sometimes cards, but nothing other than that.”

Photo of Griffin Fore

“Yes. I’ve made some at school, like a candle and a potholder.”

Photo of Sarah Jacobson

“Usually not, but sometimes. Not unless it’s a card or something.”


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