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What did you get for your high school graduation?

Asked at Southwind 12, 3433 Iowa on May 14, 2005

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Photo of Janet Adams

“I got a dictionary. I still have it as a matter of fact, and I still use it.”

Photo of Mary Kay Stephens

“I got a watch. That was a very common gift at the time, and they were very expensive.”

Photo of Bill Ruisinger

“I don’t think I got anything. I guess it would’ve been my college education.”

Photo of Steve Hedden

“The only thing I remember getting was a manicure kit with my initials in gold on the outside of it.”


redbird 13 years ago

My gift was a set of luggage,took the hint was gone the next day.I left with the gift of knowing that my parents raised me the best that they could and it was nice luggage,still using it 25 years later!!!

GreenEyedBlues 13 years ago

Awww RedBird that is SO Karen Arnold! Does anyone else remember that episode of The Wonder Years?

My grandpa makes a tradition out of crocheting afghans for all 18 of his grandkids. He does about one a year and he always gives them as graduation presents.

I also collected a small fortune little by little as checks and cash slipped in with congratulation cards.

Lulu 13 years ago

My mom gave me a Doors album with the song 'Wild Child' on it. She loved the words, 'Wild child full of grace, savior of the human race:'

I preferred Helen Reddy.

Richard Heckler 13 years ago

As for what I received...a huge sigh of relief and a wonderful celebration with friends and that includes my spouse.

Now back to real life:

Dolph's commentary Saturday morning is on target regarding preparing students for the world. The editorial discussed the importance of incorporating Chinese,Japanese,Arabic and of course French,German and Spanish into our knowledge base.

A great partner to linguistics would be comparative classes in religion such as the views of Roman Catholic,Protestant,Orthodox,Islam,Hinduism,Buddhism,Chinese folk religion,Sikhism,Judaism and Shintoism.

Children are sponges for knowledge and love learning which makes them quite capable of grasping most anything put before them. Not only that those which are college bound would be far better prepared for that task.

Public education is a tool for broadening the horizons of our children and understanding others around the world should be among the ultimate goals of our public school system.

Richard Heckler 13 years ago

Hey Lulu,

The Doors and that song bring back fond memories..."Break on Through", "LA Woman", "Cyrstal Ship". Yep fun and challenging times. Lots of good music and fun concerts.

lunacydetector 13 years ago

when the music's over - turn out the lights.

so lulu, did you trip a lot of acid and smoke a lot of dope in your life? did you get into the harder drugs like - acid, cocaine, hashish, opium, heroine - AFTER experimenting with pot? you do advocate legalized marijuana, don't you? EVERYONE i knew who smoked dope got into the harder stuff or experimented with the harder stuff.

i wonder how many folks still have flashbacks from acid trips they had in the '60's - '70's? i wonder what effect drug use will have on increased cases of dementia when those folks hit their 70's?

did you know that the machete' wielding hackers in Rwanda were high on marijuana? it's true. i know someone who witnessed the aftermath.

Fangorn 13 years ago

I only remember two gifts (I received more, I just remember these two.) My girlfriend's parents got me a carved wooden duck. It seemed a little strange at the time, but it looks very nice sitting on my desk now. The other gift I remember was an HP15c calculator I got from my grandma. I was planning to study chemical engineering at Iowa State at the time and needed a calculator like that. It was pretty advanced for its time but seems a bit pedestrian now.

Is this the same Lulu? You haven't posted in quite some time.

squishypoet 13 years ago

Money money money! That's the only thing graduates want these days... you send out lots of graduation announcements to friends/relatives/acquaintences, not in the hopes that they will attend the auspicious occasion, but so they will send you CHECKS!

The money I got for graduation helped me buy lots of important things before I went to Mexico for a semester of study abroad, and I greatly appreciated it. Thank you notes, people! Definitely important.

Ceallach 13 years ago

I recall three particular gifts. A Lady Bulova from my grandparents, a portable hi-fi from my parents and a creepy "bug" pin from an elderly man, our neighbor, who collected bizarre and supposedly rare antique items. I thanked him and put it in my jewel box until I could toss it later.

About 12 years later the hi-fi had been replaced, the watch -- replaced. Going through my old jewel box I came across the pin. Surprised that it was so beautiful, I took time to really look at it. I realized that the body was a lovely, large Tiger's Eye, the eyes were emeralds, the body and legs formed in gold, and its antennas were tipped with tiny diamonds. Too bad Mr. Duncan did not live long enough for me to give him a true thank you for the exquisite gift he gave an immature, ungrateful seventeen year old.

Thank you Mr. Duncan.

melissamouse 13 years ago

I got a quadraphonic stereo system from Burnstein-Applebee's!

galfromku 12 years, 9 months ago

I got a bentwood rocking chair... it was SO a sign of the times.. I still have it... in my living room.

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