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Do you think Douglas County should increase security at the courthouse?

Asked at Checkers, 2300 La. on March 21, 2005

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Photo of Emily Spradlin

“I would say that there is definitely a need for increased security.”

Photo of Lisa Smith

“I’m surprised that there aren’t metal detectors there already.”

Photo of Scott Beard

“No. I think the recent shooting was just a fluke event. I don’t think there is much chance that would happen here.”

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“Security should be increased in all the courthouses. They should also install metal detectors.”


Richard Heckler 13 years, 1 month ago

How do we know it is not secure? There are plenty of sherriff deputies around during meetings. They seem to have plenty of deputies around for shooting pictures of war protestors.

Also there is a lot of video equipment throughout the building. I don't think we need to over re-act. Once again there are plenty of police and deputies around.

Liberty 13 years, 1 month ago

The increasing security needs are a symptom of a problem that has been festering nation wide since the civil war when constitutional government was overthown by provisional military government (the joining of Federal and State government after the civil war, and now an effort to give the U.N. control over our natural resources, land, water, and governmental structure), an increasing divergence of the people and the court system and unconstitutional laws is the result. Our governmental system is seriously broken and our country's spiritual heritage as well.

The court system would be safest if they would support God in the school system again and encourage people to worship and return to God again, not guns and cameras to protect themselves from the mess they made in society by the removal of God from children's thinking. When you remove God, the obvious result is violent ungodly behavior from society, because you have removed a good and pure influence and righteousness from the people's thinking.

Righteousness toward God exalts a nation, while sin and unrighteousness is a cancer to any people.

BunE 13 years, 1 month ago

god, provisional Military Gov't, UN? What the heck!? Liberty get it together! is the tri-lateral commission still in cahoots with the Pan arabs and the World Zionists? Illuminati?

You are right, this government is festering. Since the growth of social concern and civil rights, the powers that be have become increasingly afraid that everything that they have will be taken away. They long for a time when only the landed white male had power and money in this country. They see the earth as their own plaything using the bible as a blank check. They are afraid of anybody different and any belief different than there own. i know many of you are afraid of change, I am too, but it happens.

The problem with everything is that we have WAY to much god into everything now. This country is up to it eyeball in god stuff. Its on the TV, the radio, makes me sick to see all of the god people tell anyone who'll listen how we all need to go back to jesus or whoever. if you add god to the mix, the result is ugly violence and sorrow, look no further than cromwell's england or the godliness of slaveowners here in the states.

Luckily we have seen this all before and were saved by the Enlightenment. A new age is upon us, While man cannot live on bread alone, (s)he can't eat faith. people will cycle through this obsession with god soon enough. Science and reason will prevail and faith will once again become a question of philosophy and conscience, certainly not a part of the state.

no, keep your god at home.

god does not make a nation, man does.

Jayhawk226 13 years, 1 month ago

Weren't the Crusades because of "God?"

The IRA bombings and Orange/Green division in Ireland isn't because of "God?"

The US threat against Muslims isn't because of "God?"

Salem Witch hangings weren't because of "God?"

I don't mean to sound so cynical...but c'mon. We need more God???

kansas 13 years, 1 month ago

I love Scott's rationale/reasoning, don't you?! "Hey, it hasn't happened around here, so what's everybody worried about?! I know I'm not worried!"

I guess somebody forgot to tell Scott that there's a first time for everything.....everywhere!!!

Kyle Rohde 13 years, 1 month ago

As usual, people blindly say "let's get metal detectors and extra security guards" without thinking about costs. Then they'll whine about how much their taxes went up, how their kid's school doesn't have enough funding, and how there are too many potholes in the streets. Isolated incident, let's not go nuts here people.

blueblood 13 years, 1 month ago

with all due respect to merrill's and scott's responses, someone needs to tell them, and everyone else, that even though there may be deputies and officers around, if those officers are there to testify in court, the judges have prohibited them from carrying their firearms. so if someone starts shooting, or pulls a knife in the courtroom (as has already happened, scott), the judges' rules will make the officer just one more victim rather than a solution. i know the judges in douglas county tend to not trust the police for some reason, but perhaps the judges should take the example in atlanta and allow the deputies and officers to wear their guns in the courtroom, just like they're trained and allowed to everywhere else. i'd hate to think it would take the shooting of another judge and deputy to change their minds

nicegirl 13 years, 1 month ago

I wanted to comment on the security issues from my perspective as the wife of a deputy at the courthouse. I sat here that Friday watching the horrible events that took place in Atlanta with a sick pit in my stomach. It could happen here just as easily. Every person that is arrested in the county and appears in court is handled in some way by a Deputy. They often transport them to and from the jail alone. They sit with them in the holding cell and are present in the courtroom. I get very angry by people who say that this is an isolated incident and the risk is low or brings up money. Their lives are in danger everyday to protect others. There are so many naive, ungrateful, selfish people in this world that can't think beyond the extra $.60 a month they might pay in taxes or the extra 15 seconds that they might be held up in the security line. Maybe if it was your spouse or parent you would feel differently. But how dare you minimize something of such importance? Maybe if something happens to my husband you can come explain to my young children that their father lost his life because you were too cheap and self absorbed to support measures that could save lives.

nicegirl 13 years, 1 month ago

P.S. I am reminded of why I quit posting on here. The ignorance and radicalism is nauseating. This just happened to be a topic that is very personal to me.

nicegirl 13 years, 1 month ago

The deputies that are working courtroom security ARE allowed to carry their weapons in the courtroom. Officers that are testifying are not.

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