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Do you think Douglas County offers adequate mental health care?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 11, 2005

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Photo of Holly Hulburt

“No. They seem to have quite a problem with the homeless and mentally ill, and without the unit at LMH, I don’t think they have enough coverage.”

Photo of Natalie Wyrick

“Yes. I haven’t had any problems being approached by the mentally ill, so that makes me think that they are taking care of them.”

Photo of John Briggs

“If you don’t have an emergency mental health care center for people, then probably not.”

Photo of Betsy Drake-Studstill

“I think there is a lack of awareness on the issue, and anytime there is a lack of awareness, there must be a deficit in the program.”

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pierced_daisy 12 years, 6 months ago

Lesse here......I have been chased by about five homeless people on mass street shouting unknown phrases, have seen many people outside of gas stations begging for alcohol and ciggarettes......hrm...and then yelled at the was I was a pink elephant when I declined to hand over my paid for purchases.

Id say that yes, Lawrence is doing a crappy job.

GreenEyedBlues 12 years, 6 months ago

Mental health is such a subjective measure. In light of this, it's hard to define "adequate". So I'm not answering this question! Time to pop some Wellbutrin and get ready for a FUN Monday at work!!!

"What do you mean, BORDERLINE? Borderline between WHAT and WHAT?" - Susana Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted [1999]

Richard Heckler 12 years, 6 months ago

The illustrious group of some controlling republicans refused to continue funding the Menninger Clinic and others around the state yet provided no means for existing patients. Many became street people. Republican Governor Graves could not change their minds. This controlling group of people labeled republican may not be either republicans or conservatives. Past history has shown compassion among this group. Kansas may have it's group of no tax neocons trying to subvert Kansas for their own selfish reasons. It's time to say to them GOOD BYE IN 2006.

Yes these are pretty much the same thinkers who do not see the need to fund education. They would rather "privatize" and give tax dollars to some corporate welfare client.

neopolss 12 years, 6 months ago

I wouldn't fund education. Just look at current trends. Private school vouchers and increasing enrollment in private schools. Why not allow education to become private sector? If it is like any other business in this world, it only holds its place by providing results. In this case, that means improvement in testing scores. The public system is falling apart, and will most likely continue to degrade as more and more money is thrown at it. Soon we will have a tax payer funded education system that only 50% of the population uses.

Put an end to the socialist agendas.

jonas 12 years, 6 months ago

Society is, by it's very nature, somewhat socialist. While I can't say that I disagree completely with the idea of privatizing education, a very real possible consequence is the ultimate deepening and stratifying of the classes. It's an obvious catch22: if you want money, you need an education, if you want an education, you need money. Not saying it would happen, but it's very possible. Privatizing is not the end-all answer to everything. Personally, I think a better answer would be to transparitise (word?) the total school budget, in terms legible for everyone to understand, so anyone with an interest would be able to easily look up and view how their money is spent. Throwing money at something does no good when it is just put towards useless beaurucrats and administration. Or more useless standardized tests.

And as for socialism, I would hope that most (I know not all) would view care for the mentally ill as one job that society should take on itself. Without medication, most of them would not be able to take care of themselves, or fuction in the larger society at all.

Of course, we could just "put em on a bus and get rid of them!"

jonas 12 years, 6 months ago

i-itching: Maybe you're just not talking to the right panhandlers.

Sharilyn Wells 12 years, 6 months ago

I think the Lawrence community should know that we have had 7 citizens that were homeless die in our parks and alleys. Most of those folks either had mental illness or mental illness and substance abuse problems. Of course the knee jerk reaction that I have seen is either to blame the homeless shelters for "ennabling" or to blame desparate people whose desparation is seen in public.

A year round homeless shleter did not exist in Lawrence until the 21st century and Lawrence Community shelter did not even exist when most of those folks died.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

I have only fought one ticket. I was 15 and according to the cop ran a stop sign in Baldwin. In actuality I had stopped prior to the sign then pulled forward so I could see to cross. He only saw me pull forward and then go. So he pulled me over and gave me a ticket. I went to the court date and explained to the judge and he dismissed it. The only other ticket I have gotten was when I was 17 and deserved it, going 45 in a 30, It cost me a pretty penny. So for the last 15 or so years I haven't gotten any tickets.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

Yes Lawrence needs more mental health facilities. Maybe they could use the money they want to use to build another round about with and use it to begin the funding :)

grilled_cheese 12 years, 6 months ago

Bert Nash couldn't file an insurance claim correctly if someone was holding a blade to their wrists.

Tasteless, but oh so true.

sunflower_sue 12 years, 6 months ago

There are 15 mental health faciclites listed in the yellow pages for Lawrence. This ? is just sooooo broad that I'm not even sure what they want us to answer. Based on the related article, they seem to be targeting those who are mentally ill and also get into trouble with the law. There are plenty of mentally ill people who do fine in everyday society.

I guess my answer would be: You just can't help those who don't want to be helped. (And you really can't help them if they don't carry the right insurance!) I'm certainly NOT going to walk up to someone on the street who is talking to themselves and say "Excuse me, but do you need some therapy? I can give you the number for a clinic." Yeah, right!

Larry 12 years, 6 months ago

Of course not. There are plenty of people roaming the streets of Lawrence that are being ignored by Douglas County officials. My proof to this opinion can be substantiated by viewing the voting distribution from the last presidential elections. Guess which county is Kansas is the only BLUE county. THE ONLY BLUE county in the entire State of Kansas. That, in itself, proves that Douglas County doesn't do enough to help the crazies in Lawrence.

Carmenilla 12 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for that truly enlightening observation Larry, NOT! Gee, I wonder why the mentally ill are continually stigmatized. Many of the responses on here prove to me, yet again, that people don't "get" mental illness. There is no emergency service here for someone who is feeling suicidal. There is no psych ward at LMH. I can tell you for a fact, that Bert Nash has more on its plate than it can handle. And for the person (grilled_cheese, I believe) who said Bert Nash was inept at filing insurance claims, have you ANY idea of the beauracratic hoops that places like Bert Nash have to jump thru to get people treated? They can only do so much and their hands are tied all along the way. We have terrible insurance policies in this country that don't adequately cover mental health issues. We have scores of uninsured folks with no resources who may be battling mental illness. We have the MIDA that smitty mentioned who don't get treatment but are continually arrested or live on the streets. This is a problem not just in Lawrence but everywhere. At least we have people talking about the problems and limitations. I just don't want to see another person take their own life because they couldn't find help in Lawrence.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

TOB that would only work if they could read

Liberty 12 years, 6 months ago

Those that are unstable in facing life would do well to visit a real Church that can provide spiritual help and a strong basis for life. The only answer to start with is Jesus Christ, the son of God. Once you have that relationship with God, He will help steer you on the straight path. The City Union Mission in Kansas City is a good role model for struggling communities. Perhaps a look at their web site would enlighten the readers:

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

Carmenilla you are absolutely correct.

grilled_cheese 12 years, 6 months ago


yes, I am aware of the hoops that everyone has to jump through. My husband and I are some of those uninsured people battling mental health issues. we both had to stop taking all our medications (not just our SSRIs, but allergy meds, meds for my kidneys and bladder) because we decided eating was more important.

not everyone in need of mental health care is a stark raving mad homeless person. my now spouse was seeking treatment at Nash when we met. the hoops he had to jump through regarding insurance and co-pays and whatnot was crazy. the last thing a depressed, possibly suicidal person needs is harrasing phone calls and letters. he had check stubs proving that he paid his bills on time, and they still had bill collectors call to harrass him. for a college student with student insurance living paycheck to paycheck (and with depression!), this is hell. i have heard of similar experiences from others who sought help there. i am not trying to say that everyone's experience at nash was similar, i think situations such as these reiterate the need for better mental health care in Lawrence, or at least a reevaluation.

Carmenilla 12 years, 6 months ago

People have real CHEMICAL IMBALANCES!!! Tom Cruise is WRONG!!!

Liberty, I had a friend who's parents didn't believe that he was severely depressed and they told him that church was the only treatment he needed. They said if he loved Jesus with all his heart, the pain he felt inside would go away. Now that friend is DEAD. He committed suicide soon after he went off his meds. His meds were the only thing keeping him reasonable and accountable for his actions. I know so many people who's family refused to accept their mental illness and encouraged them to have faith in the lord instead. None of those people got better. They did get better when the ignorance that keeps mental illness a taboo subject was put aside and the real issues were addressed. It is a real disease. It can be as deadly as cancer if left untreated. These are extreme cases but they are REAL!

Carmenilla 12 years, 6 months ago

I agree 100% grilled_cheese! Good luck to you and yours.

Liberty 12 years, 6 months ago

Carmenilla, You are right. A lot of the drugs of today are designed to allow you to crash and should not be stopped (cold turkey), because you can crash just like what happened with most if not all of today's gun rampages such as Columbine. Once you start the drugs, you need to seek a doctors advice if you desire to change your dosage or wean yourself off gradually. However, meds or riches do not replace the real need for spiritual healing that all need to be saved from their sin. They are two separate things. The spiritual side must be dealt with or there is no good future anyway, even if you live and survive physically and mentally.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

Liberty Church may be all good and fine for you but MOST churches are full of hypocrites that when talking to your face they're sweet as honey and as soon as you turn your back out comes the knife! Now I'm not against religion far from it but going to church is not for everyone. The last thing a depressed person needs is someone talking behind their back!!

grilled_cheese 12 years, 6 months ago

Carmenilla: thanks :)

it is so sad that someone so famous uses his fame to promote such craziness. reading a few papers doesn't make anyone an expert. if that was the case, I would have had my master's years ago! but, nooooo, I have to do "research". ha!

tom has a chemical imbalance, for sure!

Liberty 12 years, 6 months ago

Happyone, sadly that is also true. But probably not all Churches are that way. That is why I qualified the statement with "real". Most corporate churches (501c3) do not represent the Lord but the state. That is why they have turned the way that you have just described. It grieves me to see this as it is a tarnish on the good that God really is, but I agree with you. I do say that if you find a good place, don't "throw the baby out with the bath water". If you know what I mean... God is still good, and one should seek perhaps a home church or start one themselves based in God's word. I think God is seeking a real Church to represent Him today in the earth, for the very reasons you brought up.

ladysilk 12 years, 6 months ago

I am all for better living through chemistry. Lexapro is a beautiful thing and I think they should just put it in the water. Everyone would be less stressed. ;) I too live with chemical inbalance, mine is hereditary and I can trace it back at least 3 generations. I took my daughter to Burt Nash for help and that was a joke. Our health care could care a rats a** about mental health. Did I see someone mention DCCCA? DCCCA is a bigger joke than Burt Nash...they are all about the money not the people.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

one thing we all must remember is yes we understand that their are problems that need therapy (be them from chemical imbalances or just from day to day life) but the programs available in lawrence do not consider the "low income" or "no income" people that need the help (they can't afford the services) therefore those that fit into those catagories turn to the bottle or other drugs (illegal mostly) to "cure" their problems. This starts the nasty cycle that puts people on the streets.

Sharilyn Wells 12 years, 6 months ago

Although people call the Lawrence open shelter ; this organization is taking care of people that others won't or can't help. There are people in Lawrence that have asked for detox and organized treatment for some people for years.

Seeing not that much happen people sometimes stick their necks out and do the best that they can.

Who would you get to run a detox center, we do not even have a mental health unit. If Bert Nash says they need more money to get the job done you can well imagine that other organizations might be faced with the same reality.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

If Tom Cruise were to show up on my door step maybe then I would but until then he's just another pretty boy

Carmenilla 12 years, 6 months ago

Are we not stating the obvious! Tom Cruise suffers from acute megalomania to cover up for a short man inferiority complex. He is so deluded.

acg 12 years, 6 months ago

I think ole Tommy has gone stark raving mad. He's still pretty easy on the eyes though.

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

Tom Cruise knows NOTHING about mental diseases or the psychiatric profession. He is a millionaire who has nothing to worry about. Here in Lawrence, how does one judge whether mental health care is great as is or needs improvement? The connection of mental health care & the homeless troubles me. It's not just the homeless that depend on these services, it's all of us, maybe not now, but at some point in our lives when things get worse. We need to improve Mental Health Care in Douglas County, but we keep hearing about budget cuts. Where are the budget cuts coming from?

Hong_Kong_Phooey 12 years, 6 months ago

Pierced Daisy: I left you a comment on yesterday's topic.

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

One other thing, if services in Douglas County for Mental Health Care are inadequate in some circles, then why did that psychiatric unit from Topeka (forgot the name) leave Kansas altogether? That was an excellent source for mental health care issues, which gave people the kind of services Douglas County, I am sorry to say, has not provided. Bert Nash is an excellent center to address mental health care issues, but to get advanced care, Topeka is out, so now one has to go to Kansas City. How effiecient is that? It isn't efficient & it puts people's health in serious jeopardy.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

to expand on that rhd99 most of the people I brought up earlier couldn't go outside the city limits (can't afford too) So once again Douglas County is not providing what it needs to

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

happyone, most appreciative I am of your understanding of my confusion about the lack of care Douglas County is providing. I hate to link this, but it all has to do with how both the City & County Commissions' politicians conduct studies on their spending priorities. THEY need to wake up.

neopolss 12 years, 6 months ago

Of course, we could swoop up all of the crazies one night and place them into socialist funded psychiatric centers where they would be deprived of their precious alcohol and drugs, and safe from the public view.

But then we'd get complaints about how cruel it is to deprive these individuals of their freedoms, and how terrible it is that they are kept under lock and key constantly. We would then demand that these individuals be released to society, because they deserve the same go at life as we have, crazy or not.

Then we'd get tired of it, and swoop them all up again, and we'd simply throw personal responsibility out the window in exchange for the hand of big brother.

And then the wheel would turn and we'd do it all over again.

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

How is funding these psychiatric centers socialist? Again, if Mental Health Care is not considered a priority in Douglas County, then we the voters have the right & responsibility to put this issue on the politicians' heads now & during the time when they come up for re-election.

DaREEKKU 12 years, 6 months ago

I worked in an inpatient facility in Shawnee County for almost three years and I can safely say that not only Douglas County, but Kansas has inadequate healthcare. Medicare doesn't adequately reimburse facilities therefore patients are not seen as people but as numbers and are pushed out before profits fall. Its very sad, an experience I will never forget. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of good cases but the overall situation is very grim. Psychiatric Facilities are in desperate need, as well as in desperate need of funding.

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

DaREEKKU, Since you worked in these kinds of facilities, I have two questions for you & others who may know: 1. Does Medicaid also cover these services? 2. Then if Kansas is inadequate, then why did the legislature not step in to prohibit the closing of Menninger clinic?

italianprincess 12 years, 6 months ago

I think Tom is going through a midlife crisis. Katie would be insane to marry him so quickly and I do hope she holds off at least a couple of years to see if their relationship works out.

Would one define mental illness as something passed down through family. There are so many different types of mental illness.

The people who just snap one day and kill family members, their own children, or who ever they choose to.

The ones who have been abused in some manner to where a mental issue is brought on.

I myself went through an abusive relationship back in 90 and my doc in Cali gave me meds because I was so depressed. Of course it helped and I won't ever let that happen again. I will simply have the next person who tries something like that removed. I feel that woman or men who have been through an abusive relationship become stronger if they let themselves survive.

There are so many different types of mental issues people have and they do need meds to control themselves.

I'm not much for kids being on meds to control ADD/ADHD, but have a child in my daycare who goes on a rage unless he has his meds every four hours. He may also be bipolar according to his mom. This is what doctors and therapists have told her, so hes drugged basically all day. Its truely sad to see him five days a week having to take this med I give him, but if I don't he gets uptight about little things that bother him.

I believe there are so many different things that cause someone to have major issues in life that require them to take some type of medication.

Mental health places should be available for those who need it. Its nice to know these people have someone with a background in counseling to talk to. Though I'm not real big on Bert Nash myself, its nice to know that there are therapists out there besides them.

ms_canada 12 years, 6 months ago

Living so far north of you all, I may have no cause to comment on your mental health care situation in Douglas County, but I do know something of mental illness being a psychiatric nurse and having studied psychology. Just as in the human body there are many different kinds of diseases and ailments, there are many differing ailments of the mind. There are many classifications of mental illness. And there are different degrees of illness. Schizophenia being one type can itself be divided into categories. Just as one person may have a severe and life threatening form of cancer and another have a very treatable form, in mental illness some ailments are extremely difficult to treat and others no so difficult. But all forms of mental illness deserve and must have treatment or the condition will deteriorate. So many on the forum today have brought up the homeless wandering your streets. We have them here also. Many of these people could live relatively normal lives if they keep to a strict regimen of medication. But so many of the ill do not like to take the meds because, "I don't like the way it makes me feel. I am no longer me". These people must have supervision to keep them on their meds. But who is to do this while they are homeless and who is to pay for the meds. You know, people, we human beings are so heartless and uncaring and mental illness is still so misunderstood. Treatment is still in the dark ages compared to that of other bodily ills. Why are we like this? Why is the stigma of a troubled mind so abhorant? That we don't have more pity for these very suffering individuals is the great shame of our societies. IMHO And just a word about the comments of liberty. He is right to a degree. Many troubled minds can be successfully treated by the loving care of good Christian friends who will help him on a path to knowledge of Christ as his Saviour and His healing power. But that is not an option for all the mentally ill.

Fangorn 12 years, 6 months ago

So, following certain threads of today's conversation, what we can soon expect to see is Tom & Katie showing up, door-to-door in our neighborhoods handing out tracts?

Liberty is right, happyone, not all churches at that way. You will find hypocrites like that everywhere, but I don't think you should characterize a single congregation based on the behavior of a few, let alone the entire Christian community. For many substance-abusers, the root of their disease is a spiritual problem. They should still seek medical and mental treatment, but without caring for the spiritual aspect of who they are, they will never be fully whole. Jesus still heals.

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

Yeah, & when they do, I can ask Tom & Katie for a proof of license & the moment they fail to do so, I will be glad to have them carted off to jail.

Now, people who REALLY need the mental health care system to work to their advantage also need to look at the cause of the spritual problem. The spiritual problem may not be as easy as one thinks. That takes years to heal. Institutions offer limited term fixes, but what is the long-term solution? I certainly don't have the answers, just theories.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

ms_canada Thank you for your insight.

Fanghorn I agree that having a spiritual aspect is very helpful but for someone with a mental problem, they may not feel comfortable walking into a church where they know no one and have the disappointing reality that that perticular church is a "bad" one. To just say they need to find a church is not enough. The built in support that comes from being involved in church IS a wonderful thing and I am very glad that you and several other posters have found "good" churches.

neopolss 12 years, 6 months ago

Tom & Katie are both crazies. Perhaps their scientology friends will book them on the next spaceship out of here.

grilled_cheese 12 years, 6 months ago

Bye, OMB! My UNIX was acting up this morning, I was so mad, I almost threw a fork at it, honestly. Good luck. Oh, and don't melt in this sweltering heat/crazy random thurnderstorm thing Harris Co. is going through currently.

e3 12 years, 6 months ago

rhd99 (and others):

(1) For a concise explanation of medicaid coverage of MH, start with: Needless to say, it's complicated.

(2) Menninger was a PRIVATE hospital, not public. Its closure was not really a state policy issue. There are some other private & community hospitals that have psychiatric units, and they are very necessary but unfortunately they too are closing, despite the will of the people they serve (e.g. LMH). They couch it in terms of "demand" and "quality" and "feasibility," but what that really means is money.

(3) Kansas currently only has three state psychiatric hospitals: Rainbow for KC area, Larned for Western Kansas, and Osawatomie for Eastern Kansas. They are losing beds too.

(4) Psychiatric hospital beds are being lost at an alarming rate across the country -- public and private -- and YES it's about money. And therefore it's about policy. And therefore it's about political will. It's our responsibility as citizens to educate ourselves & others and exercise that political will to make this a more civilized and compassionate world.

(5) Medical billing is a nightmare; I'm sure Bert Nash is not immune from it. Community Mental Health Centers like Bert Nash and Community Hospitals like LMH are also mandated to treat anyone who walks through the door, including people who have no money, and no insurance public or private. Hmm... now how how do you bill for that? Social workers and doctors, etc, no matter how big their hearts are, they have stomachs too! Somebody has to pay.

(6) OK, the historical lack of cooperation between Bert Nash and LMH is an embarrassment to this community. Yes, there are deficiencies all over. Yet as is often the case, there is actually no "bad guy"... People are trying to do their jobs. The problem is that the jobs don't address the real needs, or for legal reasons the care providers are simply not empowered to address the real needs that exist.

(7) I respectfully disagree that "Christian love," or any other kind of love, is all that's needed for healing for a person with a severe mental illness. Love (including both self acceptance and social support) is ONE important ingredient needed for successful recovery, but it is a heck of a lot more complicated than that. (Unless whoever wrote that doesn't believe in western medicine at all... in which case our premises of understanding are so different that we probably can't really have a productive conversation in this forum.)

(8) People with mental illness, whether it is mild & situational or severe & persistent... are PEOPLE. Before you judge (and add more stigma and loneliness to his or her burden), remember that person is someone's child, sibling, parent. We are all here on the same spaceship, kids.

(9) Did I mention that it's about money? Money and policy and political will.

e3 12 years, 6 months ago


Have you ever heard the parable of the fox and the grapes? When the fox could not reach the grapes he wanted, he said, "sour grapes."

Not long ago, I failed to get an interview for a job that I wanted. At first I felt bad, but within a couple of days, without even trying, I reached the conclusion that it really would not have been a good job for me at all... and so I move on to some more appropriate opportunity. But imagine if I went for a full year never getting called for interviews where I applied. Pretty soon I would probably not want a job at all.

When we cannot achieve something we wanted very badly -- even small things -- we often reframe our desires in order to preserve some shred of dignity and some glimmer of hope. I suspect that you have done the same yourself, for one thing or another. It's human nature. Even if we do preserve our little dreams, in the face of repeated failure we learn better than to say them out loud.

We also tend to say we want what we have. Do I want to move to another house? No, I want to stay in the one I have... not because it's better than other houses, but simply because I am familiar with it, and therefore comfortable in it -- no matter how small or quirky it may be. Again -- human nature. Cling to the familiar; resist change.

When a homeless person says "Yes, I want to be homeless," I challenge you to try to imagine what he or she might really be saying.

ms_canada 12 years, 6 months ago

to e3 - regarding love, be it Christian or other, I will respectfully disagree with you to some extent. Yes, you are right that love alone will not cure anyone of a severe mental illness. Your post appears to suggest that you have some knowledge of the mental health care system in your part of the world, but I wonder could you tell me what first hand knowledge you have of mental illness and it's treatment. I do have first hand knowledge of how love, the love of a husband for his ill wife, was most intrumental in her recovery from a not so very severe form of illness. And I have knowledge of other cases also. LOVE is a very powerful weapon against illness. One of our professors, a psychiatric doctor, told our class that he had a theory that if it were possible to just pour so much love into an ill person, he could cure them. I have remembered that so clearly to this day. I am a senior person and have seen, probably more than you have, of this world and the people in it. (I am assuming that you are a young person, if I am wrong please correct and forgive me) I have been in the Christian church for a lot of years in an intimate way, not just to attend once a week for an hour. I have been in various prayer and study groups and have seen what the love of the other members has meant to a troubled soul. And believe me there are some very troubled souls out there that are not receiving any treatment at all. Do not make the mistake that so many make, knocking something until you have tried it. I don't mean to sound condescending. It is something that I feel so very strongly about. :o) :o)

ms_canada 12 years, 6 months ago

PS - goody two shoes, can I just say something in a nice way, at least that is how I mean it. You don't have to sign your name at the end of your posts. It is there at the top. OR is there some reason that you do that? Enlighten us, please.

ms_canada 12 years, 6 months ago

Oh boy, she took it the wrong way!! I goofed, didn't I. So sorry, goody two shoes.

Redneckgal 12 years, 6 months ago

Damn I leave for a week and miss all the excitment?Hoofy's back?

Redneckgal 12 years, 6 months ago

Oh yeah. I just read back though and I'd have to say it sure sounds like he's back.

Ceallach 12 years, 6 months ago

pierced_daisy: I just now have had an opportunity to see today's board and check the end of yesterday's posts. I left a message for you at the end of yesterday's thread.

Ceallach 12 years, 6 months ago

Today's question: No, I do not think we have adequate provisions for mental health care. The hospital should have a functional mental health unit. There have been deaths directly related to patients being referred on to out of town facilities. People asking for help being turned away and left on their own to get to Topeka, KC, etc.

jonas 12 years, 6 months ago

Now now, the last thing we need is a hoofy witch hunt on our hands. That's just what he'd want.

Lib_ee12 12 years, 6 months ago

I love reading the discussions that go on here. Sometimes they make me mad, and sometimes they really make me think. I really appreciate that. I decided that I wanted to join in this time, just to add my two cents. I'm afraid that I'm doing this too late for anyone to see though. I'll feel better about it anyway.

If Tom Cruise gave away only a quarter of his movie star earnings, then maybe some of our public institutions and those POOR families wouldn't need quite as much help and the world would feel more 'together.' How's that for socialism? he he

e3 12 years, 6 months ago

You make a good point, Lib_ee. A progressive tax system in which the wealthiest few percent of individuals & corporations would pull a bit more of their weight... would go a lot toward alleviating suffering of the poorest 25%. Problem is (I think) that people are easily blinded by their own sense of entitlement...

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